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A gallery of pictures used throughout Jerripedia


Jerripedia pictures are taken from a wide variety of sources, a substantial number from two collections of Channel Island photographs and postcards owned by private collectors in South Africa and the USA. Fuirther images are taken from a private collection in France. Many of the images, particularly those from old postcards, have been digitally enhanced to improve reproduction on computer screens at the resolution and size appropriate to a website of this nature. Where possible, contrast and sharpness have been increased to restore the appearance of much-faded originals to something closer to their original condition.

As a general rule print and handwriting have been digitally removed from the surface of images. Some of the images have been cropped to exclude extraneous material, damaged corners on originals, etc and to concentrate on the subject of the image within the allocated space.


As far as the administrators are aware all images contained in the site are out of copyright, or permission has been sought and obtained from the copyright holder. Anyone having any concerns about the copyright status of images on the site is asked to please read our Copyright notice and follow the instructions on how to draw their concerns to site administrators.

Note:This page has only been updated on 11 March 2011 to include all pictures then uploaded and used in pages. In the meantime several thousand images have been added to pages within the site, bringing the current total to over 25,000. This gallery will be updated to include all these pictures, in a wider range of categories, as soon as time permits.

For a full list of pictures on the site, not sorted by category, please see Full gallery

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