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24 April 2017

Edwardian cyclists

This is one of our favourite Jerripedia photographs. It has been on the site since 2011 and is one of the rotating images on our main page. It shows pupils at Jersey Ladies College with their bicycles in 1905, and just typifies the elegance of the Edwardian era, as well as demonstrating the affluence of these girls' parents, because cycles were not a cheap item at this time. This week we came across the postcard below, which dates from 1903 and shows that cycles were already the 'must have' possession for girls at the school
We do not know anything more about Agnes than her first name, but we wonder whether the Mrs Le Sueur mentioned in her message to her friend, Miss J E Le Boutillier, of Grouville, was related to the Le Sueur brothers, who opened a cycle shop in Halkett Place in 1906. Unfortunately the Grouville baptisms published so far stop at 1871, so we have not been able to discover any more about the card's recipient, to whom Agnes wrote:"What do I hear that you have a bicycle. Oh my! What next. Are the roads wide enough in Grouville? You can expect me round one of these days, so look out. We are in the holidays now. Yesterday morning I went for a long run with Maud Burger. We went to the Convent at St Mary. She has been a weekly boarder there for a year and a half. One of the nuns showed me ‘Les Alentours’ [The neighbourhood]. From there we went down to St Peter’s Valley and up a very steep hill and back to St Lawrence Church. It was a lovely ride. Today I’m going to Lucille and to town tonight. I think it is quite the fashion to get cycles now. They have another at Lucille’s and Claire (my Claire) has one as well. She has her aunt’s, Mrs Le Sueur’s. I went to spend the afternoon with her (Mrs Le Sueur) yesterday. On Thursday I’m going to spend the day at St Brelade. Have you many new PC? My coll is slowly increasing. I have about 40 now. With much love to all" - Agnes
Collecting postcards in the early 1900s was a very popular hobby for both young people such as Agnes, and their elders. They were still very much a novelty, the first one to be sent from Jersey having been posted in 1895, and anything earlier than the turn of the century would have been very collectable at the time and is now very rare. We have added a page of 1901 postcards to the site this week, which were sent from Jersey to a collector in Luxembourg


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