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10 September 2018

Battle of Flowers

This week we feature two superb old photographs of entries in the Jersey Battle of Flowers. The first is a delightful shot of a mother-and-son entry with a decorated bicycle and trailer. This picture was taken at the 1905 event, the fourth Battle of Flowers. It was sent to us having been discovered in a family album, but unfortunately the names of the individuals are not known. The picture below appears to have been taken a quarter of a century later, when the Battle had moved from Victoria Avenue to Springfield Stadium and photographs were frequently taken in nearby streets of entries making their way to the arena, but the outfits being worn by the women and children on the cart suggest that this might be misleading, and the picture could also date from Edwardian times. The horse and cart appear to have just emerged from open gates on the left. Perhaps they were on their way to Victoria Avenue and not Springfield. Either way, this is an important historical image, because not only does it show a typical family entry of the early Battles - a decorated cart pulled by a faithful horse - but it shows an excellent view of the location, at the Robin Hood junction of Val Plaisant, Rouge Bouillon, Trinity Road and Springfield Road (clockwise from the foreground). In 1940 the railings and wall in front of the Old Robin Hood Hotel were demolished and pushed back several feet for road widening along Rouge Bouillon. The hotel, now just a public house, is still on the corner today, but otherwise the junction is much changed from whenever the picture was taken, as can be seen in the Google Streetview picture below. Don't be misled by the Opera House sign in the old photograph. The building was not there; this was an advertising poster for the venue. This picture is one of a number of Battle pictures sent to us by a Jerripedia friend who found them in a family album in her attic. The other photographs were definitely taken at Springfield, which was partly why we initially assumed the same for this one.


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