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23 October 2017

Old market

This is St Helier's Halkett Place market, photographed in about 1870 by Philip Godfray. It was Jersey's first purpose-built market, built between 1803 and 1806 and financed by seven lotteries. Halkett Place did not exist at the time and the new market was constructed on open fields, close to the Royal Square, which had long served as the town's marketplace. The States decided to transfer public markets from the Royal Square to the present sites on 10 May 1800. The new market was an open-air affair, with roofs on hefty pillars of local granite forming an arcade surrounding the gated compound. It was modelled on the market in the City of Bath and remained in use until 1880, when it was demolished to make way for a new covered market, as part of the celebrations of the centenary of the Battle of Jersey the following year. We believe that the new market, which is still in use today, actually opened in 1882. This is the only photograph we have seen of the interior of the old market, although earlier photographs are in existence inside the fish market, which was a separate building not far away between what would become Beresford Street and Minden Place. Philip Godfray was one of the most eminent Jersey photographers of the 19th century, in business at various locations from 1858 to 1898. He took many photographs of island views which were printed for sale to islanders and visitors in the days before postcards were introduced, and examples frequently come up for sale today. We have recently been sent a number of digital copies of Godfray photographs by a collector and have added them to a new page featuring Godfray's work. La Société Jersiaise possess a model of the old market, photographs of which are included on our markets page, but it is confusingly described in their photographic archive as 'a model of the market' and 'a model of the old cattle market'. It is definitely not the old cattle market, which was in Minden Place, where today's multi-storey car park was eventually constructed. The buildings which can be seen behind the arcade on the left of the photograph correspond to the upper part of properties still standing on the opposite side of Beresford Street.


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