Pierre Hemery (1789-1820)

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Pierre Hemery (1789-1820)


A report in the Chronique de Jersey of Pierre Hemery's involvement in a duel

Pierre Hemery was baptised on 11 December 1789 in Jersey. He was buried on 10 January 1820 in St Saviour


Peter (or Pierre) Hemery, (English and French names were interchangeable at this period), brother of Clement, also worked in the Hemery Brothers concern. He is recorded in General Don’s Militia survey of 1815 as Captain in the Militia, in the St Helier regiment. He was very active in the social life of the Island, and would no doubt have remained a prominent figure, but for his early death.

A notice from the Chronique de Jersey 25 February 1815 records him as one of the stewards for the sixth St Helier's Assembly, held at Deal's Hotel on the 28th. The other two stewards were Th. Le Breton and R Treeve. He also stewarded at a private subscription concert at Deal's Saloon on 19 August 1815. The other stewards were four military officers and two Janvrin family members.

An advert in the Chronique from 5 August 1815, advises that his house in Hill Street, and the shop to the East of it, are 'bailler a fin d'heritage'. Perhaps this signals a scaling down of the Hemery Brothers business.


He died young from an unknown illness in January 1820. Due to his death his brother in law, the Lieutenant Bailliff Le Breton did not preside over the States meeting on 8 January 1820.

His will instructed a post mortem examination to be carried out to ascertain the cause of his death. Although unmarried, it is clear from his will that he had a mistress, Susan Jones, and by her at least two children, his ‘natural children’ as he calls them in the will, Eliza and Caroline. Such situations were common enough in Jersey at the time to have a law written that stated that on marriage such children were to be considered legal. Peter did not choose to do that, but left his mistress and his daughters a fair amount to live on, but nothing like the sum he left to his sisters. He left Susan Jones £30 with £30 per annum, and £30 per annum to each of his daughters, but to his sisters he gave £800 each.

Will in English dated 20 October 1819.

I most humbly bequeath my soul to God, and my body to the earth prior to which I desire it may be opened to ascertain the cause of my death.

  • To the poor of St Saviours Parish £10
  • To my natural children Eliza and Caroline each the annual sum of £30 and to their mother Susan Jones also annually £30 while they live then to be divided among his brother Clement’s children
  • On the day of my decease to Susan Jones £30 and all my bedroom furniture and linen.
  • To each of my sisters Susan, Elizabeth, Mary, Jane and Sarah £800
  • To my nieces Jane and Margaret Hemery each £400
  • To my nephew Clement and niece Eliza Le Breton each £300
  • To Edward Surard £200
  • To Thomas and Francis Le Breton each £20
  • To Jean Girardeau £25
  • To my uncle's servants and the maid at the office £5
  • The remainder of his property to my brother and executor Clement
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