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Pinglaux family page


Kenneth Desmond Pinglaux (1941-1982), son of Clarence Ernest and Elsie Marie Rabet

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Origins of surname

There are various theories for the origins of this French name. It may somehow be linked to pin, the French word for a pine tree. However, the variants shown below suggest that it is more likely to come from the Breton word pennglaon for a charcoal supplier. Separate the Breton words into penn = head, and glan = charcoal and we arrive at someone with black hair, which is a highly likely origin for a surname. Pengloan for wooly haired is not considered a possible origin. The English West Country name Pengelly may have a similar derivation.

Early records

There are only three births in our database and the name did not arrive in the island until the late 1890s from the Cotes d'Armor department of north Brittany.


  • Pinglaux
  • Penglaux
  • Penglaon
  • Penglau
  • Penglaux
  • Le Penglau

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Family gravestones

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