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Historic Jersey buildings

Plaisance Terrace, St Helier


No 3

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Property name

Plaisance Terrace


Route du Fort, St Helier

Type of property

Terrace of seven houses


No 6, formerly a lodging house, was bought by the States of Jersey in 1998 for £240,000

Families associated with the property

  • No 1 - Ahier: In 1941 Alice Florence, nee Le Sueur (1879- ) and her daughters Beryl (1902- ) and Enid (1906- ) were living here
  • No 2 - Cawley: In 1941 Francis Henry Cawley (1868- ) and his wife Alice DOuce, nee Le Huquet (1872- ) were living here
  • No 3 - De La Haye: In 1941 Albert John de La Haye (1905- ), his wife Rosamond Mary, nee Sweeney (1908- ) and their daughters Rosamund Joan and Margaret Elizabeth, were living here, together with Rosamond's mother, Edith Sweeney, nee Walker (1876- )
  • No 4 - Ory: In 1941 Raymond Paul Ory (1920- ) and his wife Beryl Joyce, nee Drelaud (1920- ) were living here. Richardson: John Philip Richardson (1924- ) and his wife Joan, nee Drelaud (1924- ) were also at No 4
  • No 5 - Marie: In 1941 Albert Reginald Marie (1913- ) was living here. Quemard: Also at No 5 were Dorothy, nee Rose (1905- ) and her son Frank Walter (1925- )
  • No 6 - Hamon: In 1941 Malcolm Arthur Hamon (1919- ), his wife Queenie Maud, nee Le Lievre (1921- ), and their daughters Olive Maud and Jean Ann were living here. Also in the household were Olive Mary Hamon, nee Hough (1900- ) and her children Barry Gordon, Joseph Anthony, Carl Emlyn and Max Alwyn
  • No 7 - Luxon: In 1941 Percy Knight Luxon (1898- ) and his wife Myra Grace (1895- ) were living here with their children Joan Grace (1922- ), Olive Muriel (1924- ), Betty Rose (1930- ) and Margaret. Also in the household was Ellen Luxon (1875- )

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A prominent terrace of mid-19th century houses, whose composition is enlivened by the row of dramatic, paired door surrounds. Retains original features and contributes to streetscape value.

Notes and references

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