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Postal services
1969 onwards


Postal Headquarters, Mont Millais, 1981

In 1969 the British Post office ceased to be a Government
department and the Channel Islands were invited to take over and run their own postal services. Jersey seized the opportunity which this presented to produce its own stamps and become a leading player in the philatelic market.

Above: The first stamps issued by Jersey as an independent postal service in 1969. Below: In 1970 the 25th anniversary of the Liberation was marked with the first commemorative issue
Stamps Liberation 25.jpg

As a result of the changes in 1969 the services being provided began to expand rapidly and in 1971 the organisation separated its operations.

The main counters remained at Broad Street but its collection and delivery operations and administrative functions moved to new headquarters at Mont Millais, where they stayed until 1996, when the new purpose-built Jersey Post headquarters at Rue des Prés was opened.


25 years commemorative stamp issue

Postal vehicles on 2006 stamps

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