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Private schools - 1884


This listing of Jersey schools is taken from the 1884 edition of a book produced by a Jerseyman covering schools throughout the British Isles. The compiler was baptised Frederick Shirley de Carteret Bisson. It is not known when and why he decided to hyphenate his last given name and surname, nor where the Dumaresq element, seemingly an invention in later life

Victoria College

This college was founded in 1852. Endowment £1,000, granted annually by the States of Jersey.

Visitor, the Queen.

The Committee comprises the Lieut-Governor for the time being, the Bailiff and 12 members of Council.

Instruction is given in English, Classics, and Mathematics to 150 scholars. The study of Modern Languages is much encouraged. There are two departments of the college :

  • The department of Classical and General Literature, where instruction is given in the Greek and Latin Languages, Composition, Ancient and Modern History and Geography, Arithmetic, Mathematics, French, and German
  • The Department of Modern Literature and Mathematics, where the subjects taught are the English Language, Composition, History, especially of England and its Colonies, Geography, Mathematics, Arithmetic, French, and German.

Arrangements are made for instruction in Drawing and Natural Science, provided a sufficient number of pupils offer themselves. An extra fee for each subject will be charged, the amount to be determined hereafter (at present fixed at £12 per term for each subject).

In the Lower School these departments are treated as one. Students are especially prepared for the examinations for admission to Woolwich and Sandhurst, and for direct appointments in all branches of the Queen’s Home and Indian Services, whether Military, Naval, or Civil.

The following annual fees are payable by the students of the college :

  • Department of Classical and General Literature : under 12 years of age, £10 ; above 12 years of age, £14
  • Department of Modern Literature and Commercial Instruction : under 12 years of age, £8. ; above 12 years of age, £10.
  • Boys in the Lower School are charged the fees of the modern department.
  • Boarders are received by the Principal in a house provided by the Committee. The present charge for Board is 53 guineas a year. Boys attending the College can dine at the Principal’s house. The charges per term are ; 6 dinners a week, £4 4s. ; 4 dinners a week, £3 3s.
Victoria College at about the time the book was published

Queen’s Exhibition : an Exhibition, tenable for three years at any of the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, or Dublin, of the amount of £30, for which any who shall have been pupils at the College for the three years preceding may be candidates. The Exhibition will be paid on production of certificates of such residence having been kept by the holder of the Exhibition as the University requires. The Examination of candidates for the Exhibition is to be held by the Public Examiners at the period of the general Examination of the College.

Queen’s Medals : Three Gold Medals given annually, at the public examination, to the most deserving scholar in each of the three following subjects

  • Ancient Languages
  • Modern Languages
  • Mathematics.

These medals are open to any who have been pupils at the college during the year preceding, at least, and there are other medals and prizes. The Channel Island Scholarships are open to pupils of two years standing, value from £60 to £90 a year, besides numerous other prizes.

H R Tottenham, Senior Classic, Cambridge, 1880, was educated at this school ; and the author of this work assisted officially at the opening ceremony of this College in 1852.

The year is divided into three terms, beginning respectively about 20 January, 1 May, 20 September. The vacations consist of about six weeks in August and September, a month at Christmas, and ten days in April.

There are at present seven Scholarships at Pembroke, Exeter, and Jesus Colleges, Oxford, founded by King Charles I and Bishop Morley, open to natives of Jersey or Guernsey, and members of Victoria College, Jersey, or Elizabeth College, Guernsey, who have been students during the two years immediately preceding the examination. The Scholarships are tenable for five years from matriculation, and of the annual value of about £90. Public examinations are held yearly in July, and prizes awarded. Principal: R H Chambers MA, late scholar of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, and 11 assistant masters.

The St James Collegiate rugby team the year before the book was published. This may be the only surviving photograph linked to the school

St James’s Collegiate School

At this well-known school the Classics and Mathematics are taught to the extent that pupils on quitting it may forthwith enter the Universities and Endowed Establishments of the United Kingdom.

The French language is taught to all the pupils in the school, its importance as an element of education being fully recognized.

Pupils are prepared for the Universities, Naval, Military, and Medical Colleges, and other Competitive Examinations.

School fees, per year:

  • Boys not exceeding 12 years of age, tuition, £11 5s; daily board and tuition, £21; full board and tuition, £46 10 s.
  • Not exceeding 14 years of age, tuition, £14 15s; daily board and tuition, £25 10s; full board and tuition, £51
  • Not exceeding 16 years of age, tuition, £16 10s; daily board and tuition, £31 10s; full board and tuition, £55 10s.

The entire charge is undertaken of children whose parents reside abroad. The school is in a most beautiful and healthy situation on the hill overlooking St Helier. The grounds and playing-field cover 12 acres.

The author has been personally acquainted with the excellent work done at this school for nearly half a century ; it has always held a leading educational position in the island, and bears favourable comparison with Victoria College, and schools of a similar grade in England. Pupils pass direct into the Army, Navy, and the higher professions, without the necessity of cramming after leaving the school.

One of the recent successes to record is that of Mr G A Norcott, a son of General Sir W S R Norcott KCB, late Lieut-Governor of the Island, who passed in a most creditable manner the Competitive Examination at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst.

More than 300 youths have been successfully prepared in this establishment for the Naval, Military, and Civil Services of Her Majesty at home and abroad.

Vacations, six weeks in summer and five weeks at Christmas.

Principal: Tthe Rev James Cardwell MA, late Scholar and Mathematical Prizeman of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, 26th Wrangler in 1870 ; eight years Head Master of the Sheffield Collegiate School, which he raised from the point of extinction to an unprecedented degree of prosperity.

Pembroke House School, 44 David Place

High-class Commercial education, including the French language, to which special attention is given, and to French pupils who desire to learn the English language.

Terms : 60 guineas per annum

Vacations: 8 weeks

Principal: F. Patterson, assisted by thoroughly competent Masters.


Militia Officers prepared for passing into the Line.

Fees : For one or two months, 10 guineas per calendar month ; for longer periods, at the rate of 9 guineas per calendar month. No allowance for holidays at Christmas, which will be nominal.

Principals, Major De Thoren and Major Morgan.

St Aubin’s School

At this select private school 30 pupils are thoroughly grounded and instructed in Greek, Latin, French, English, German, Mathematics, Geography, History, etc., etc. Special attention is given to Modem Languages.

Pupils are prepared for the Universities, Public Schools, and Cambridge Local Examinations.

Fees : boarders, £50 to £60 per annum; day-scholars, 9 to 15 guineas per annum.

Vacations, Easter, Midsummer, and Christmas.

Head Master: John Este Vibert MA, Christ’s College, Cambridge, assisted by resident and visiting Masters.

Oxenford House

The course of study comprises Classics, Mathematics, French, German, and English subjects generally.

Terms : Boarders, £22 to £30 per annum; day-pupils, £4 per annum.

Vacations at Midsummer and Christmas.

Principal, John E P Davey BA, London, MRCP, assisted by resident French and English Masters and visiting Professors.

Beaumont House School

Established 1861

Instruction in Classics, Mathematics, French, and German, is given to about 60 pupils, of whom 30 are boarders, paying from 20 to 25 guineas per annum, and about 30 day-boys, paying £5. per annum

Vacations: Midsummer, 5 weeks ; Christmas, a month

Principal: G Boyer, with two resident and four visiting masters.

Coie House, Classical Academy

Principal: G W Parlett

Walworth House School, St Aubin

The curriculum of studies at this school enables pupils to enter upon Mercantile pursuits, and great attention is given to the teaching of Modern Languages. Boarders as well as day-pupils, are received, the terms being very moderate

Principal: L P Hespiradoux BA, and an assistant master.

The front of Ladies College in about 1890

Jersey Ladies’ College

This school has already taken rank as one of our leading institutions, and was established in 1880.

Patron, Sir Robert Pipon Marett, Bailiff, and a council of 18 members.

The pupils number about 110, the system of instruction being that adopted by the modern High Schools of Great Britain, and the subjects of instruction embrace the following :—Religious Teaching, with Reading and Writing, Arithmetic and Mathematics, English Grammar, Composition and Literature, History and Geography. French, German, and Latin Languages and Literatures, Natural Science, Domestic and Political Economy, Needlework, Calisthenics, Drawing, Class Singing and Harmony, besides such other subjects as the Council shall from time to time prescribe.

Pupils are prepared for the Cambridge Higher and Local Examinations, the Science and Art Examinations of South Kensington, and the Cambridge Examination for Women, also for matriculation at London University, and for obtaining their “ Brevet de Capacite” in Paris.

Special attention is given to instruction in the French Language by thoroughly qualified French Teachers who reside in the College, thus obviating any existing reasons for seeking school instruction in France. Boarders have unusual opportunities for learning conversational French, as it is spoken constantly in the house, out of school hours.

The College is subjected to an annual inspection and examination by the Oxford and Cambridge Schools Examination Board, or by other examiners unconnected with the management of the College.

The school year is divided into 3 terms, each of about 13 weeks. They begin in January, April, and September ; and the vacations are a month at Christmas, a fortnight in the spring, and about 6 weeks in August and September.

The fees include all the above-mentioned subjects of tuition. Entrance fee, under 10 years of age, 10s 6d ; above 10 years of age, 1 guinea. Term fees, for pupils under 10 years of age, 9 guineas a year ; for the above pupils remaining after 10, and for pupils entering the College between 10 and 13 years of age, 12 guineas a year ; for pupils entering the College above 13 years of age, 15 guineas a year during the whole of their stay in the College. In the case of the daughters of ministers of all denominations, and in the case of two or more sisters, a reduction of 5 per cent, is made in the above fees. The charge for board is also reduced 1 guinea per term.

The extra subjects are Instrumental Music, Solo Singing, and advanced Drawing and Painting.

The charge for boarders is 33 guineas ; and for weekly boarders, 30 guineas per annum, in addition to the College fees for instruction.

Lady Principal, Miss Roberts (late of Newnham Hall, Cambridge), with eight assistant mistresses and two non-resident teachers.

Jersey High School for Girls

A scheme is now in operation for founding a high class school, the object of the promoters being to establish it in the south-eastern part of St Helier, and to be conducted in conformity with the principles of the Church of England. Hon Secretaries, Rev P R Pipon Braithwaite MA ; R Crews, Brunswick House, Don Road.

Honeyden, 82 Rouge Bouillon

This school was founded in 1877, and a limited number of young ladies are received and instructed in the usual branches of a liberal English and French education, with Divinity, History Ancient and Modern, Euclid, Algebra, Literature, Latin, German, Political and Domestic Economy, Botany, Music Vocal, Instrumental, and Theory, Drawing, and Calisthenics, and such elementary acquaintances with the Sciences, as is requisite for the purposes of general information.

Particular attention is given to the study of the French language. Pupils are prepared, if desired, for the Cambridge Local and College of Preceptors Examinations.

The fees for boarders are £45 per annum, and for day pupils, £61 to £81 German, Music, and other accomplishments are extras.

The school year is divided into three terms, and the vacations comprise about 12 weeks.

Principal, Madame Bord, assisted by Governesses and visiting Professors.

Cambridge Academy

This school, established in 1877, is for day classes and private tuition. Piano is taught, and Singing in various languages, and instruction is given in modern European and Oriental languages, also in Hebrew, Drawing, and Painting.

Students are prepared for scholarships at the Royal Academy of Music, and for the Higher Examination of Women.

The fees are £3 12s per term of 12 weeks for complete musical training. Other fees according to branches taught

Principal: Professor E Savary

17 Old Street

This school has been established six years. The scholars number about 30, and the course of instruction includes English, French, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography, History, Mapping, Composition, etc.

Pupils are prepared for the Oxford, Cambridge, and College of Preceptors Examinations.

The fees per annum are, for boarders, £25, and for day pupils, from £2 to £4, according to age. Music is an extra.

The school year is divided into quarters, and the vacations comprise nine weeks.

Principal: Mrs. Valpy

Grosvenor House

This is a select school for a limited number of young ladies, and was established in 1870.

The house is pleasantly situated, within a short distance of a fine and perfectly safe bathing shore.

Sir Benjamin Brodie thus speaks of this favoured island : “ If you want health for the body, rest for the mind, sea bathing, pure air, splendid scenery, and all of God's gifts that go to make a terrestrial paradise, then I emphatically advise you to go to Jersey.”

The usual course comprises instruction in the French and English Languages, Composition, Literature, Science, Botany, Geography, Ancient and Modern History, Writing, Arithmetic, Needlework, and Calisthenics.

Pupils are prepared for the Cambridge Local and College of Preceptors Examinations.

The school year is divided into three terms of about 14 weeks, beginning respectively about the middle of January, the first Tuesday in May, and the middle of September.

The fees per annum are, for boarders, from £51 to £55 10s, and for day scholars, from £6 to £9.

The optional subjects are Drawing, Painting, Pianoforte, Singing, German, Italian, and Dancing

Principal: Miss Simon, assisted by competent teachers.

5 Clarence Terrace, Pensionnat de Demoiselles

This school, which was established in 1866, provides a high-class education, based upon the best modern system, to a limited number of pupils, viz 12 boarders and 12 day scholars.

Special attention is paid to French, it being the language spoken in the establishment.

Pupils are prepared for the Oxford and Cambridge Local, College of Preceptors, and Higher Examinations.

Fees per annum (including French in all its branches, Latin, and English): boarders, 45 to 50 guineas ; daily pupils, 10 years and above 9 guineas ; under 10 years 6 guineas. The extras are German, Music, Singing, Drawing, Dancing, and Calisthenics. Other accomplishments as desired.

The year is divided into three terms, and the vacations comprise 12 weeks in all.

Principal: Mlle Le Touzel-Mollet, assisted by certificated Governesses and efficient Masters.

St James's Collegiate School and Military Academy, Highlands, Jersey

Established 1832

Late principal, Dr Guy Thompson

Principal, the Rev James Cardwell MA

Late Mathematical Scholar and Prizeman of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, 26th Wrangler, 1870; for eight years Headmaster of the Sheffield Collegiate School

The object of the School is to provide a sound and liberal Education for the Sons of Gentlemen ; more especially to prepare them thoroughly for the various Examinations required for entrance into Her Majesty’s Services, the Universities and the Learned Professions ; also to afford a suitable course of Mercantile Studies for such as intend to enter the higher departments of Commerce. The Course of Instruction includes the usual subjects comprised in the curriculum of a First-Grade School, viz., Divinity, Classics, Mathematics, Modern Languages, and Natural Science. While due attention is given to Divinity and Classics, special stress is laid upon the efficient teaching of Mathematics, Modern Languages, and Science ; an unusual proportion of the school hours is allotted to these subjects, and every effort is made to secure proficiency in speaking and writing French and German. In the junior part of the School a thorough Instruction in Elementary Subjects is aimed at, so as to provide against failure in them at a subsequent period ; while the studies of the older Pupils receive the particular direction which each one requires. Each department is under the immediate supervision of the Principal—both Senior and Junior classes coming in turn under his instruction. Upwards of 300 Candidates have been successfully prepared for various Competitive Examinations, many of them taking very high places, especially in the Examination for entrance to Sandhurst and Woolwich.

Selection from list of honours gained since August 1876


Mr W. Kitchener, 18th Place, 3rd in English Aug., 1876 Mr J H Poett, 32nd Place . . . . Aug., 1876 Mr E D Brath, 49th Place . . . . Aug., 1876 Mr D Gordon, Indian Cadetship .. Aug., 1876 Mr Graves, Militia Candidate . . .. Oct., 1876 Mr Tlireshie, Militia Candidate .. Oct., 1876 Mr Angelo, 3rd in Math., 9th Place . . Jan., 1877 Mr Rivington, 22nd Place .. .. Jan., 1877 Mr Stisted, 18th Place, 2nd in Maths, Aug 1877 Mr Norcott Aug 1878 Mr Peyton Aug 1879 Mr Dunsford, Indian Cadetship, 1879 Mr Gilpin, 6th in Mathematics, Dec., 1879 Mr Graves, 9th in Mathematics, Dec., 1879 Mr Wimble, Militia Candidate, 3rd in French, 162 Cand April 1880 Mr Jermyn, 12th Place, 5104 marks, 1st in Mathematics, 600 Candidates Aug 1880 Mr Blakeney, 28th, 4696 marks Mr Le Bailly, 61st, 4215 marks, 6th in French, Dec 1880

Royal Military Academy, Woolwich: Mr Mercer, 33rd Place Aug., 1878 Mr G McLaughlin, 31st Place . . Aug., 1876 Mr Close, 4761 marks, 3rd in Math. . . Aug., 187 Mr Cumings, 26th Place Jan., 1878 Mr Wrigate, 17th Place, 2nd in Eng. Dec., 1878 Mr Balfour Aug., 1879 Mr Montgomery April 1879

Royal College of Surgeons 14 successful candidates

Army preliminary

12 successful, January to September 1880

Royal Marines

Mr Abercrombie January 1878


Mr Smith, Naval Cadet, 10th Place 1878 Mr Boyer, Clerk’s Asst, RV, 2nd Place 1878

University of Cambridge

Mr De Gruchy, 6th Senior Optime. Math. Tripos January 1876 Mr C Nicolle, Junior Optime. Math Tripos January 1876

Trinity College, Dublin

Mr Bennett, 20th Place. Public Matriculation

Marlborough College

Mr Orger, Foundation Scholarship

Wellington College

Mr Simmons, 1st Place, 1881

During the years 1880, 1881, 1882, the following of Mr Cardwell’s pupils have been successful in public examinations— viz. Six Sandhurst entrance exammation , One being 1st in Mathematics, and nearly taking high places in French and German; 22 Army preliminary; nine literary examination for Militia candidates; one Wrangler (30) Cambridge; one second class Classics, Cambridge; five scholarships or exhibitions, Cambridge; one ditto Oxford; seven Cambridge local examination, three taking honours; three Cambridge previous examination; four Royal College of Surgeons; one Lieut for Royan Navy; five College of Preceptors; and four others various examinations


The Rt Hon A . Mundella, MP, Vice-President of the Council of Education; the Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man; Lieut-Gen. Lothian Nicholson, CB, late Lieut-Gov of Jersey; Lieut-Gen Sir W S Norcott KCB, St. Leonards-on-Sea, late Lieut-Gov. of Jersey, Sir John Brown, of Sheffield ; F T Mappin, M P Thornbury, Sheffield; the Viscountess de Fleury, Jersey; Maj-Gen Sherer, Jersey; etc. etc.

Terms moderate

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