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Quenault family page


John George Quenault (1882-1948) s of John Philip and Jane Elizabeth Esnouf, m Marie Francoise Duquellenec

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Origin of Surname

Quen or quien was early French for a dog, so quenault (puppy) may have been used to describe a frolicsome boy. Perhaps it is more likely that the name is derived from quesne, an early form of chene or oak, and described the vegetation where the first Quenault lived.

It is a fairly common name in Normandy.

Early records

The earliest baptism records are in St Saviour, starting from 1542. The following earlier individuals have been found in other records:

  • Thomas Quenault was born in Trinity in 1501 and married Jeannette Binet there in about 1526. He died in 1579
  • Inocent Quenault was born in St Saviour in 1540 and married Perronnelle Vivian on 28 September 1565
  • Jean Quenault was born in St Martin in about 1583 and married Jeanne Pallot there in 1608.

  • Jacqueline Quenault was born in St Andrew's, Guernsey in 1545 and married Jean Effart there in March 1565
  • John Quenault was born in Saint Martin, Guernsey in 1584


  • Quenault, 1528
  • Quesnault 1607
  • Quenaut
  • Quenaud

Family records


Family trees

These two trees follow the same line, the second taking George's ancestors back several generations

The two trees below start with the same person. The second tree is more comprehensive. There is also evidence to suggest that Philip/Philippe is the brother of George in the above trees


Church records


Great War service


Family wills

Family photograph album

Family businesses

Family gravestones

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