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Queree family page

Records for this family in Jersey date from the 16th century. It is still present today


Farmer's wife Muriel Queree at Rozel in 1953

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Origins of Surname

Mr Queree

Recorded as Quare, Quarrie, Quarry, and specifically in the Channel Islands as Queree, Querree, and Querie, there are three possible origins for this interesting surname. The first is Manx, from the Isle of Man, and a development of the Gaelic MacGuaire, an Old Gaelic personal name "Gaurio", which is akin to the Greek "gauros", both having the identical meaning of noble, or proud.

The second and most likely is Norman French, and nickname for a thickset, or portly man and derives from the word quare, meaning square-shaped, and the third that it was topographical and described someone who lived near a stone quarry or was occupational for one who worked in one. This is from the word quarey, meaning dressed stone.

The first record of the name is that of Henry de la Quarrere. This was dated 1279, in the Hundred Rolls of Oxfordshire, during the reign of King Edward I.

Early records

The first baptism records are in Trinity starting in 1628, but the following earlier individuals have been found in other records:

  • Catherine Quérée was born in Jersey about 1535 and died in 1615.
  • Clement Querie was born in St John about 1547 and married Esther.
  • Pierre Quérée was born in Jersey about 1562. He was the son of Edouard Quérée and Thomasse Le Quesne
  • Clement Quérée was born in St John about 1568 and died there on 14 March 1617. He was the son of Noe Quérée and Collette
  • Catherine Quérée was born in St John about 1577 and married Julian Le Couteur there in 1598. They had two sons, Philip (1601- ) and Abraham (1602- )
  • Jeanne Quérée was born in Jersey in 1583 and married Jean Cristin in St John on 7 November 1604
  • Sara Quérée was born in St John about 1583 and married Colas Hamon there on 23 January 1604
  • Judith Quérée was born in St John about 1596, the daughter of Edouard. She married Philippe Coustances on 30 April 1617


  • Querée, 1668
  • Querez
  • Carie 1607
  • Le Quere
  • Quéré
  • Quare
  • Quarrie
  • Quarry
  • Querree
  • Querie

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