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Radier Manor


Radier Manor's pond
Radier Manor

Radier, the home of the Earl of Jersey, is built on the site of an old farmhouse. In fact, it was always a farmhouse and not a manor. The shells of the original farm outbuildings still exist and the archway to the granite courtyard has a keystone with 1812 and PS on it. We know that PS stands for Pierre Simonet, Jersey`s most successful tobacco importer, and 1812 was when the present farmhouse was built.

The manor, as it is now called, as seen now, was remodelled to the vision of the 9th Earl when he moved here in 1947 and was further changed thereafter. Georgian in style, it draws aspects from some of the properties that used to belong to the Jersey family, including Osterley Park House in London.

The gardens were created from what was essentially scrub land. The heavily planted borders are filled with all sorts of plants, shrubs and mature trees, including a Horse Chestnut which is thought to be at least as old as the original farm at around 200 years. The gardens reflect those at Osterley Park House which were planted in the vision of the famous Georgian socialite, Sarah Sophia, Countess of Jersey, indeed the gardens house some of the items that resided in the grounds of Osterley, including the sundial below.


Joan Stevens' Old Jersey Houses [1] describes the property as Radier (not Manor) and says that in the 18th century there was a group of four buildings.

"The original house faced south, and appears to be 18th century. The west wing must have been added a century later, and considerable improvements have been made in recent years."


In the 1881 census John Mourant (1830- ), unmarried farmer of 13 acres, is shown living here

The 1901 census shows households at Radier Farm, Radier Cottage and Radier. The latter was occupied by farmer Francois Amy (1848- ), his wife Mary Ann, nee Le Couillard, their son Francis (1884- ) and several farm workers

Notes and references

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