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Renouf family page

This is a family surname of very long standing in Jersey and Guernsey. It was included among William the Conqueror's force at the Battle of Hastings


Alfred Charles Renouf and his granddaughter Irene

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Origin of Surname

The surname Renouf, which is found extensively in Guernsey and Jersey, originated as a Christian name. Renoaf is the Norman Ranulf from the Frankish Regenwulf, or Ragin Wulf. By the end of the first millennium Renouf became established as a surname in Normandy, with a variety of spellings, and people with the surname lived in the villages in the northern Contentin Peninsula (Theville, Gonnerville) and around Caen and Bayeux (Isigny Sur Mer, Ver Sur Mer, Cahagnes, Saint Contest, Cheux, Mosles, Landes Sur Ajon). They were not all related.

The first record of the Renouf surname found by New Zealand family researcher Jacky Renouf is of Jean Renouf, who along with some former Norsemen, was part of a warlike group achieving military superiority against various foes. Tupper’s History of Guernsey reveals that there were Renoufs living at Hauteville, five miles south west of Coutances in western Normandy, who went to Apulia (Southern Italy) in 1033 with various sons from the Tancred family, to set up a colony there. Renouf was said to have been elected as their leader.

W C Renouf, of Ville Bree, St Martin, with potatoes for export

The Falaise Roll, which lists the Companions who fought with William the Conqueror in 1066 at the Battle of Hastings, includes five Renoufs; Renouf of Vailort and Renouf of St. Valery (both in Upper Normandy); Renouf of Colonbelles; Renouf of Vaubadan (both in Lower Normandy, near Caen) and Renouf Peveral. However, the Doomsday Book of 1086 shows that there were no Renoufs among the 190 Norman counts who held over half of England as their fief.

The name appears in the Assize Roll of 1309 both in Jersey and Guernsey.


  • Ranulf
  • Ranulph
  • Ranulphus
  • Renou
  • Renoul
  • Renoux

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Alfred Charles Renouf sitting in the middle of the front row, surrounded by some of his sons and sons-in-law

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The Renouf family on their farm in 1950
Threshing on another Renouf farm in 1900

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