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Jeanne Robert (1811-1894) born St Lawrence, married Joshua Messervy and emigrated to Idaho

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Origin of surname

The surname Robert is derived from the baptismal name.

The name is very common in Normandy as is said to derive from the Germanic 'Hrodberht', a combination of hrod- meaning 'glory' and -berht, meaning 'brilliant'.

It is believed that the name may have been adopted by the Norsemen as they spread south and established themselves in many parts of Europe, including Normandy, and that it spread from France to England after the Norman Conquest and from France to Jersey at about the same time.

Early records

The name features in island records as early as 1528, but there is a 1340 record for the variant 'Rober'.

The first recorded baptism in Jersey was in St Ouen in 1654, and the family remained largely in the western parishes of St Ouen and St Mary throughout the 17th and 18th centuries.


  • Robert, 1528
  • Rober, 1340
  • Roberts
  • Robertson

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