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The Hugh Godfray map of 1849 showing Rock Vale and Mayfield

Rock Vale, as it is known today, stands in Rue de la Bergerie, Trinity, and was owned by the Picot family from the mid-19th century until it passed by marriage in the mid-20th Century to the Bisson family.

The house is a short distance from another Picot family property, Mayfield, which is today in the same ownership. The fields belonging to each property adjoin.

Maison Brulée

Little is know of the history of Rock Vale, which census records suggest was known as Maison Brulée in 1871, when it was occupied by Josué Picot and his wife Rachel Cabot. Josué's younger brother Jean lived in the adjoining Vale Cottage, with his widowed mother Marguerite (née Blampied).

The main house is not named in the 1881 Census, when Josué and Rachel are shown living there with four children. Vale Cottage no longer appears in the census record and Jean is shown as having moved from there to Mayfield, a single man with a lodger. He was a carpenter in 1871 but is now shown as a farmer of 27 vergees, four more than his brother. The 1891 census shows Josué, Rachel and family living in Rock Vale.

This, and architectural features of both this property and Mayfield, suggest that they were refurbished (or largely rebuilt in the case of Rock Vale) around 1880, Whereas the roadside gate pillars are engraved to reflect this at Mayfield, there are no recorded datestones for Rock Vale.

Rocher Brulé

There is no mention of the property under any of its names in either of the two volumes of Joan Stevens' Old Jersey Houses, but it is believed that the part which was known as Vale Cottage in 1871 is much older than the main house. The name Maison Brulée (the burnt house) might suggest that at some time the main house was damaged by fire, but the index to the 1849 Hugh Godfray map of Jersey, which shows all properties then standing with their owners, indicates that the house was close to a place known as Rocher Brulé (burning or burnt rock).

The transition from Rocher Brulé to Rock Vale for a house redeveloped adjacent to Vale Cottage is an understandable one.

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