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Rocqueberg, St Clement


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Property name



Grande Route de La Cote, St Clement

Type of property

19th century coastal house


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property


1868 - no initials

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Unusual country house with Scottish Baronial style features, notably the circular tower, with some original late 19th century external features surviving.

The site also includes German Occupation structures, and the rock outcrop is of folklore historical interest, reputed to have once been the centre for witches and sorcery in St Clement.

Built in 1868 with later additions.

Detached, two-storey, five-bay: frontage comprises a series of gabled wings and a circular 3-storey tower at right angles to main wing at rear. Pitched roofs over gables linked by main pitched roof at rear.

The legend of the witches

Once, a young man called Hubert was engaged to a girl called Madeleine. He used to go for long walks during the evenings, and one evening he walked towards Rocqueberg Point.

He fell asleep next to the rock, but when he woke up the rock had gone - and was replaced by a magic wood, with beautiful girls dancing round the trees.

Hubert danced with them, and as he left he promised he would return the following night. When he got home, he told Madeleine about the strange events, and she warned him not to go the next night, but Hubert decided to go anyway.

Madeleine told the parish priest about her suspicions, and the priest told her to take a crucifix and follow Hubert. When Madeleine reached Rocqueberg, she saw Hubert, merrily dancing.

But there were no beautiful girls - just ugly old witches. Madeleine held the crucifix high above her head and ran towards the witches - who vanished, shrieking, while Hubert collapsed, unconscious.

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