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The construction of the western end of Route du Fort across the land where the old railway storage sheds stood. The open land to the left of the picture below Green Street Cemetery has been developed as Green Street Car Park and offices
Looking east past St Luke's School to where the new road was being extended to Georgetown
Looking west towards St Luke's School across the new section of road linking through from Georgetown
The old railway carriage sheds are demolished

Route du Fort was constructed in 1967 in preparation for the opening, two years later, of the tunnel under Fort Regent, providing a direct through link from the Weighbridge to Georgetown, gateway to the east of the island.

Streets linked

Before the road was built there was no link between Green Street, in the west, and Roseville Street. From here the Route du Fort follows what was Peel Street, and then Plaisance Road, past St Luke's Church and St Luke's School. A further new section had to be opened up beyond Elizabeth Street to the junction with Don Road, Georgetown Road, Victoria Road and Dicq Road.

At the western end a property known as The Cedars, formerly Maison du Mont, had to be demolished in front of where the tunnel emerges into Green Street. The road from here to Roseville Street was built largely on what were formerly the carriage sheds for the Jersey Eastern Railway, and had been disused since the 1930s.


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