Rugby at the FB Fields, 1939

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Jersey's victorious 1939 Siam Cup team

From The Islander, a weekly news magazine

The Jersey Rugby Football Club has after five seasons realised one of its greatest ambitions — to play at the FB Playing Fields. Thanks are due to a hard working committee and many friends who have worked to this end.

The Club have from now until the end of the season some very good matches to play, starting with Thursday 16 February, versus Guernsey at the FB Fields, which is always a keen fight to the finish. Although this match is a "friendly" game in relation to the Siam Cup, it lacks none of the inter-insular spirit.

The next two matches for the Siam Cup and against the Royal Irish Fusiliers will be played in Guernsey during March, but the exact dates have not yet been fixed. Last year, the Siam Cup match was played in Jersey and was witnessed by His Excellency, the Lieut-Governor and a huge crowd. The club was successful in beating Guernsey 3 points to nil, after a very close game.

As is to be expected in an Island, players come and go last summer proved a bad one for the club, as it has lost four of its keenest members, Hanson, captain and secretary, who could always be relied upon to give a finish to all his sparking movements; Challis, another outstanding player who knew the game well; Carr, the sprinter, who scored the only try in the Siam Cup game last year; and Alain, a very useful all-round player.

As against this loss, the club has gained Giles and Austin, two very experienced players from Guernsey, now resident In Jersey, and Budden, who has returned from England.

Now for Jersey's prospects versus Guernsey, which will be a good indication as to their chances in the Siam Cup match.

Jersey have a very strong pack and if it is a forwards' day, the team should do well. The halves are a surprise packet, as new halves always are; one thing I hope is that they will not starve their three-quarters. Individually, the "threes" are good, but being for the most part newcomers to the game, they have not yet learned the value of running straight and passing when threatened; if, during the practice games at First Tower Park they learn to play as a team, Jersey should prove a very useful side.

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