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Sarre family page

The origins of this family and the derivation ofthe name are far from certain


Elizabeth Sarre

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Origin of Surname

This family is said in Jersey to have originated from the Pays du Saire, east of Cherbourg. However, if this were so, it would be expected to be a common name in Normandy, and particularly in the Manche department which includes Cherbourg. However, there is only one Sarre listed in today's telephone directory for Manche, and the name is far from common elsewhere in Normandy.

It is possible that the family name could simply be derived from the Hebrew female given name Sarah.

Our main source for the origins of French surnames suggests that Sarre is a form of 'Serre', which is derived from serra, meaning a watershed or peak (this word is also found as sierra).

Early records

The Extente of 1274 for Jersey mentions Hugh Sare and his son Guillaume.


  • Sarre, 1299
  • Sarrey 1400
  • Saire
  • Seirre
  • Sehir 1309
  • Le Seire 1299
  • Sarne 1292
  • Sare 1274
  • Sara
  • Sarra
  • Sarr

Family records


Family trees

The following two groups of trees are largely identical but come from different sources and vary in some details


Family history


Church records


Great War service

  • Peter Durell Sarre (1883- ) (St H) son of Peter and Louisa Rachel Le Vavasseur Dit Durell, Mercantile Marine


Family wills

Family album

Family gravestones

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Family homes

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