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Sauvage family page

This family is commonly found as both Sauvage and Le Sauvage


Peter John Sauvage and colleagues in 1911

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Origins of surname

Sauvage is French for 'savage', or 'wild', but in the context of the surname the meaning is probably somewhat less dramatic, and either means an unsociable person, or taking it back to its Latin root sylvestris, meant someone who wandered in the woods.

This is a fairly common name in Normandy, from where Jersey's original Sauvages probably came.

Early records

The earliest records for Sauvage in Jersey are in the first half of the 17th century, but Salvage appears as early as the 13th century. Although this English surname has the same derivation, and is shown in Charles Stevens' Comprehensive list of Jersey surnames as a variant of Sauvage, we are not convinced that it represents earlier members of the same family in Jersey.

There are no baptisms listed under Le Sauvage until the 19th century, but there is at least one family in which some children were shown as Sauvage and others as Le Sauvage in the baptism registers.


  • Sauvage
  • Le Sauvage
  • Salvage 13c
  • Savage, probably a separate family

Family records


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Family wills

These wills created by members of the Le Sauvage family are now held by Jersey Archive. By visiting the archive site and using the names, dates and reference numbers shown here, it is possible to view a copy of each will. You will have to subscribe to the Archive's online service to do this. To find out more about this collection, which covers the period from 1663 to 1980, and how to search for your family's wills there, visit our Jersey wills page

  • Courtenay Le Sauvage, Corporal of the 19th Corps Field Butchery - 9 July 1917, D/Y/A/76
  • Elizabeth Le Sauvage, 9 Ann Street, St Helier, widow of John Edouard Baudains dit La Gerche - 10 April 1931, D/Y/A/91
  • Ernest Le Sauvage, Thébaudière, Beaumont, St Peter - 27 December 1939, D/Y/A/105
  • Jane Le Sauvage, La Thebeaudiere, Beaumont - 19 September 1945, D/Y/A/114
  • Thomas Le Sauvage, St Helier, builder - 27 April 1916, D/Y/A/75
  • Edouard Sauvage 2 November 1688 - D/Y/A/3
  • Elizabeth Sauvage of St Ouen, bequeaths to the poor of St Ouen, 66 livres 13 sous 4 deniers of the order of the King 19 August 1836 - D/Y/A/23
  • Jean Sauvage of St Mary 7 October 1767 - D/Y/A/11
  • Jean Sauvage of St Ouen, now of St Peter, bequeaths to the poor of St Ouen £20, desires to be buried in St Ouen's Cemetery - 23 January 1896, D/Y/A/55
  • Philippe Sauvage of St Helier, bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £4 of the order of the King 25 March 1824 - D/Y/A/20
  • Philippe Sauvage of St Ouen, now of St Helier - 1 May 1878, D/Y/A/40
  • Thomas Sauvage, 1 Romney Villas, St Helier bequeaths to the poor of St Ouen £10 - 24 April 1918, D/Y/A/78
  • Harriet Sauvage, 2 Haut Bois Villas, Bellozanne Road, St Helier, spinster - 3 June 1907, D/Y/A/66
  • Louisa Sauvage, Mrs Falle, 8 Wellington Villas, Stopford Road, St Helier - 13 December 1919, D/Y/A/79
  • Anne Sauvage, St Mary - 12 April 1946, D/Y/A/115
  • Martha Sauvage, St Ouen, bequeaths to Kenneth Barette and Martha Jane Barette a house and garden situated on the Fief Haubert et Seigneurie, St Ouen - 20 December 1934, D/Y/A/96
  • Edward Savage of St Mary's, Nottingham, England, now of St Helier, merchant, desires to be buried in the new churchyard of St Helier 2 March 1852 - D/Y/A/27
  • Henry Savage, Lt General and Col Commandant of the Royal Engineers - 17 February 1866, D/Y/A/33

Family gravestones

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Family photo album

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