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Seymour House, Grouville


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Property name

Seymour House


Grande Route des Sablons

Type of property

1840 Georgian style coastal house


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

  • Dumaresq
  • Ching
  • Bertram: The 1901 census recorded farmer Thomas Bertram (1835- ) as head of household here. He was living with his wife Mary, nee Bertram (1835- ), daughters Maria (1865- ) and Ada (1871- )
  • Gallichan: In 1941 Ernest Philip Gallichan (1908- ), his wife Dorothy Fielding, nee Pitman (1909- ), their son John Pitman Gallichan (1939- ) and Dorothy's mother Cecilia Pitman, nee Fielding (1890- ) were living here

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A well-proportioned circa 1840 house in the Georgian style, retaining historic character, the interest enhanced by the strong contribution of the building to its prominent waterfront setting.

Mid-19th century house, renovated late 20/early 21st century. Evidence dates the house's construction to around 1840.

The land was purchased in 1836 and 1838 by Jean Dumaresq, who built the house and sold it to George Ching in 1842.

The house is illustrative of the period in Island history following the end of the wars with France when overseas trade increased and there was a steady flow of English arrivals, all of which led to greater demand for what was considered to be the more sophisticated and fashionable style of Georgian architecture.

Five-bay, two-storey, double-pile house set back from the road with a garden at the front which provides an intended grand setting for the property. Single storey wing to the west.

There is a later east wing and garden room on the south, and 20th century single storey extension to the west.

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