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baptisms in all

parishes to 1915

This page, which previously only contained a list of baptisms for the Seymour family, is in the process of being updated. Some of these pages have already been edited to remove the list. Those lists which still remain in pages awaiting editing have not been updated for some time and may contain inaccuracies.

Please use the new links to see up-to-date listings of all church records for the Seymour family

These links will open in a new tab in your browser and generate the most up-to-date list of each set of records from our database. These are chronological listings for the family name in all parishes. The list is displayed with a search form allowing you to refine your search by given name, parish, date and other filters.

If you want to search for records for a spelling variant, or for any other family name, just click on the appropriate link below for the first letter of the family name, and you can choose from a list of names included in our baptism records, or choose a different record type.


  • 07 Jun 1691 Jean son of Jean (St Brelade)
  • 30 Jul 1693 Elizabeth daughter of Jean (St Brelade)
  • 07 Jan 1828 Marie daughter of Pierre and Jeanne Le Ruez (St Helier)
  • 31 Aug 1834 William Woodhouse Dunstan son of James and Mary Ann (St Helier)
  • 01 Jan 1859 Herbert Carleton son of Charles Herbert and Elisabeth Charlotte Rhoda Scrivenor (St Helier)
  • 08 Jun 1868 Amelia Frederica daughter of George and Mary Pierce (St Brelade)
  • 04 Sep 1872 Albert Edward son of Albert Bernard and Mary Ann Elizabeth Le Bas (St Helier)
  • 08 Aug 1880 Eveline Gertrude daughter of Albert Bernard and Mary Ann Elizabeth Le Bas (St Helier)
  • 21 Nov 1880 Frederick Conrad Gordon son of Frederick Henry and Myra Theresa Merelina Symonds (St Helier)
  • 20 Apr 1881 Maud Louisa daughter of William James and Eliza Cornick (St Helier)
  • 07 Sep 1882 Ernest Walter son of Albert Bernard and Mary Ann Elizabeth Le Bas (St Helier)
  • 28 Jun 1883 Violet Myra daughter of Frederick and Myra (St Brelade)
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