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Slous family page


George Slous married Rachel Le Roux in St Martin in 1757

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Origin of surname

We have been unable to find any information about the origin of this name, which has been present in Jersey either as Slous or Selous since the first half of the 17th century. It is not a name found in Normandy, although there are some mentions with either spelling in nearby Brittany, although we have found none as early as those in Jersey.

Historian and genealogist the Rev J A Messervy suggests that it is a corruption of the English Slow,or Slowe, a family he said settled in Jersey in 1651.

Early records

But it would appear that the first member of the family to arrive in Jersey, some years earlier was Thomas, whose son was baptised Thomas Selous in St Brelade in 1637. At more or less the same time a Philippe - possibly a younger brother - must also have arrived. His three children Philippe, Jacques and Elizabeth were also baptised in St Brelade between 1655 and 1664. The first recorded marriage was that of Jean Selous and Jeanne Laurier, also in St Brelade, in 1664.

Indeed, the great majority of the 128 members of the family baptised in Jersey lived in St Brelade, although the family was present in St Lawrence in smaller numbers, and in the mid-19th century in St John.

Messervy, however, refers to the baptisms in 1653 in St Mary of Philippe, son of Philippe Slow, an English soldier, and his wife Marie Le Couteur.

George Balleine includes three members of the family in his Biographical Dictionary of Jersey, but it is unlikely that any of them, nor their parents, were born in Jersey.

They appear in the family tree below. It is most likely that Philippe Slous, at the head of the tree, was the Philippe who married Susanne Balleine at St Brelade in 1720, and appears in the earlier tree, but that has not been proved.


  • Slous
  • Selous
  • Slow

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Great War service

  • John Garnet Malzard Selous (St B), Lieutenant RNVR, HMS Princess Margaret


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