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St Aubin picture gallery

This is a gallery of general views of St Aubin and its harbour. For further pictures see St Aubin's High Street, Railway picture gallery and St Aubin's Fort.

St Aubin's Harbour in the Victorian era

Three very early photographs of St Aubin's Harbour taken from different viewpoints. The top two are from about 1870, and the third is about a decade older
A panoramic view of the harbour and fort, with the broad sweep of St Aubin's Bay behind

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These pictures of St Aubin during the German Occupation come from an official German army collection. For the full set of pictures of German installations across the whole of the island, follow this link

Images of the town

This new set of images of St Aubin was obtained in 2019

Dated pictures

An early photograph showing a crane on the harbourside
An 1888 'holiday snapshot' from a French family album
LL postcard view of the railway terminus building
A panoramic view of St Aubin's Harbour in the early 20th century
1992 aerial photograph

Undated miscellaneous images of the town and harbour

The hunt meets in front of the parish hall
Photochrom postcard
Looking down on the town
Work on the seawall in 1871
An 1890s photograph by Singleton
A panoramic view showing a large sailing vessel berthed in the harbour

Late 20th, and 21st century


Maps and plans

St Aubin from the air

Pictures taken by town planners in the late 1960s

And back in time, an 1870 etching by French artist Felix Benoist

Mont Les Vaux

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