St Helier Harbour - early 20th century pictures

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Victoria Pier
The harbourmouth on a very low spring tide. Before further dredging was carried out the water drained completely from this area, confirming Prince Albert's observation that the harbour was 'built on dry land'

A sailing ship arrives and needs a team of three boats to carry the ropes to help her moor
Rare LL panoramic postcard view of St Helier Harbour in the early 20th century
The Old Harbour in the early 20th century
A 'super yacht' in the English Harbour in the 1930s
Work under way to widen the New North Quay ...
... and the quay after work was completed
Potato boats
A steamer on the New North Quay
Passengers disembark from the Southampton boat
South Pier
A panoramic view of the harbour in the early 20th century
Ships dressed with flags, apparently in 1903, but why? This was the year after Edward VII's coronation and we cannot think of any other event which might have been celebrated then
Hotel carriages await guests in 1907

1933 photographs

1933 aerial view from the south

1930s photographs

More pictures taken in the harbour in the 1930s. The quality of these images, taken from a set of negatives in 2020, leaves much to be desired, but they show interesting scenes of harbour life some 90 years ago

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