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St John family records


A page of 16th century records in a St John marriage register

This is our main, updated St John family records index page, which contains a large number of new records.

St John records are now largely in the same format as the other parishes. All early records previously shown in separate A-Z indexes on our old St John family records page have now been added to the database and are included in the indexes on this page.

However, there are many records for which CIFHS transcriptions were lost and they are missing from our database. We have for some time been working through the original registers to identify and transcribe those missing records. They were previously believed to be for smaller families but it is now clear that there are thousands of St John records for all families which have not been accessible since the transcriptions went missing.

Although we believe that the later records are much more complete, there are records from 1813 onwards which are also not in the database, and we hope we have identified all of these, too.

The process of adding these missing records to the database and then updating these indexes will take some time to complete, so we have produced temporary indexes for those records already extracte until the work is complete and the main index can be updated to include all St John baptism records.

The index for records from 1594 to 1712 includes some duplicates of records already in the database and the full parish index, but individual records may contain extra information. The separate index for records from 1813 onwards also contains duplicates, but until the very time-consuming process of isolating duplicate records and choosing those with more detail is completed, we believe that it is more useful to provide researchers with an index containing duplicates, rather than offering no access to previously missing records.

The transcriptions which were available of baptisms were previously divided into two sets - 1594-1713 and 1713-1842. We have now completed a temporary index of missing records for the first set. It should be noted that the original register, which was copied in 1883 into new volumes which are those now publicly available, was clearly badly damaged at the end and records from approximately 1690 to 1713 are incomplete. The handwritten copies faithfully record the parts of original records which were readable and make no attempt to fill in the gaps. This means that there is a substantial number of records over this period which did not include sufficient information to make it worth transcribing them, although we have done our best to include some records for which missing text can be identified. There are no records at all from 1712 to August 1715, when a new volume was started, which suggests that the final entries in the old register were either missing or totally unreadable.

Early indications are that all records from 1715 onwards have been copied into our database and appear in the A-Z index on this page.

The Jerripediabmd searchable database, on which our indexes are based, now contains nearly half a million Jersey Church of England family records, which are also included in the Jerripedia parish indexes.

The database now holds nearly 16,000 St John church records from 1592 to 1940 (start and end dates vary by type of record). The database has links to the page images of the original transcriptions of baptism records up to 1842, which contain more information, including godparents.

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Baptisms 1594 to 1904


Temporary indexes of baptism records not included in above index

Marriages 1600-1940 indexed by groom's surname



Marriages 1600-1940 indexed by bride's surname



Burials 1582-1940



Temporary indexes of burial records not included in above index

Registrar records of births, marriages and deaths

Births 1842-1924



Marriages 1848-1953

Images of the Register Office indexes

Deaths 1842-1966

Images of the Register Office indexes

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