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These are images of Register Office indexes of St Peter death registrations. They are provided in this form because we do not currently have the necessary resources to create a full index for the individual records. We apologise for the uneven quality of these images. The scans were not made for this purpose, but we believe that it is better to provide them in this way than to require researchers to wait until processing has been completed, which will probably take some considerable time. The pages are shown in chronological order with the date range for each A-Z set. You can estimate the date of death more accurately by referring to the page numbers for records in each set. Lower page numbers are at the beginning of the date range, higher numbers at the end of the range.

August 1842 - July 1854

July 1854 – December 1870

January 1871 – May 1879

July 1879 - April 1888

April 1888 – February 1896

February 1896 – September 1911

September 1911 – February 1930=

February 1930 – November 1950

November 1950 – November 1963

November 1963 – January 1975

January 1975 – December 1990

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