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St Sampson Crest



St Sampson’s, the second town in Guernsey, is situated north of St Peter Port, and is almost connected with it by houses and rows of buildings along the shore. It is much smaller than St Peter Port, being little more than one-fifth the population; is bounded on the north and west by the Vale parish; on the south by St Peter Port, and on the east by the sea; and contains an area 3,569 vergées of land and a population of 2,986 inhabitants, census of 1871. It is a place of considerable business in connection with the stone trade, which is centred there, to take advantage of the adjacent quarries and of the harbour. Many improvements have been made in the harbour, and the town is continually increasing its importance; there is little to attract or interest a stranger, all the buildings except the church being of modern construction. The lands of this parish were in the hands of the Duke of Normandy till William the Conqueror rewarded Sampson d’Anneville with about one-fourth of the island, among which was a part of this parish, then erected into the fief or royalty still called the fief d’Anneville. Hill’s Historical Directory of the Channel Islands (1874)


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Aerial view of St Sampsons Harbour approx 1930s



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Old Family Houses




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