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Stocall family page

This family name was present in Jersey in very small numbers, from the 15th century to the mid 19th


Sara Stocall was buried in St Martin in 1681

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Origin of Surname

The origin of this surname is not certain, although it would appear to have the same derivation as 'Stockall', a surname of Anglo-Saxon origin, and an English locational name from Stockeld in Spofforth, in the West Riding of Yorkshire. The placename was recorded as "Stochilde" in the 1166 Pipe Rolls of Yorkshire and derives from the Olde English elements "stocc" meaning trunk or stump of a tree, with "helde" a slope; hence "slope with tree-trunks". The first element may also be the Olde English "stoc" a place; hence "sloped place".

Early records

The name has been present in Jersey in various spellings since the early 15th century, but there were only ten baptisms over 50 years. The family tree below dates back to the 15th century and carries on to the 17th, but many of the names in the tree do not feature in baptism records. The family history below throws a little more light on the subject, but the absence of church records for some of the individuals named in puzzling.


  • Stocal, 1668
  • Stocall, 1553
  • Stockerd 1607
  • Stokall, 1528
  • Stoqualle 1558
  • Stoccal
  • Stockill
  • Stockard
  • Stockart
  • Stockall
  • Stokeall
  • Setocquard
  • Stocquall
  • Stockdalle

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