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Origin of Surname

The origins of the Guernsey TABEL family appears to be Scandinavian originating from the name STABEL, though the name has been found in Germany and Prussia as TABEL. The TABEL family have only lived in Guernsey since the beginning of the eighteenth century though the name didn’t start out as TABEL there. The first known registration of a member of the TABEL family in Guernsey was a marriage on 5 November 1712, recorded in the Town Church Register, St Peter Port of George STABLE native of Denmark to Rachel de France of St Peter Port. The baptism of their son George was recorded in the Town Church register on 9 July 1713, George STABARD son of George and Rachel de France. By 1737 the family name had become TABEL. The death of Rachel de France in 1737 was recorded as Widow of George TABEL and their son George’s 1st marriage to Rachel Stuart also in 1737 was also recorded under the name TABEL. It has been recorded as TABEL ever since. In 2010 only 8 entries could be found for the surname TABEL in the Guernsey phone directory and no entries in the Jersey directory.


  • Stabel
  • Stabard
  • Tabell
  • Taubel


  • I can be contacted for a comprehensive list of the TABEL family of Guernsey. Diane Essex-Clark --Aussie 11:49, 25 February 2010 (UTC)

Further Reading


See TABEL Family Tree - Descendents of George Stabel of Denmark and Rachel de France of Guernsey

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