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Grateful thanks to Joanne Gollandeau for researching the french side of the family and providing these notes in April/May 2012, without whose help this would not appear, and to Mike Bisson for advice.

Link to my CHATEL website - [1], also my personnal website [2], also see the "old friends in jersey" facebook page for old family photo's - [3]

Here is the info that I have re the ancestors of CHATEL (CHASTEL) and GEORGE (GEORGES) starting with their marriage 1/8/1834 at Hudimesnil.

Each step of the way, I will give you the ref of the archives book and page number in red. In order to access the document yourself the site is [4] Scroll down for the specific 'lieu' and then press on 'rechercher'. Sometimes putting in dates can get in the way of the correct thumbnail coming up. Identify the thumbnail on the lefthand side and click once – it will move across. Then click on it again and it should open. Use the slider to find the page. Once on the page there is opportunity to zoom in (slider on the left, or + and – for more control) and the document can be moved around by dragging.

Any interesting additions will be written in green.

An asterix will indicate direct line.

I will transcribe and translate on documents at a later date (coz it takes time and I want to get the details to you as quick as poss).


I will start with the CHATEL family and work my way through maternal branches afterwards, in the order that we go through the family tree. Direct line ancestors will appear first after marriages, regardless of the chronology, and then siblings will appear in chronological order.

  • Charles Francois CHASTEL x Desiree GEORGES 1/8/1834 Hudimesnil (50)

5 Mi 1036 1833-1842 p.83-84

Charles Francois CHASTEL, carpenter, aged 21, born Cerences 30/1/1813 and currently living there, son of deceased Jean CHASTEL, carpenter (died at Cerences 1/8/1820) and deceased Margueritte Scholastique PHILIPPE (died at Cerences 5/8/1817).

Desiree GEORGES, seamstress, aged 25, born Hudmesnil 30/11/1808 and still living there, adult (adulthood at this point was 25 for both male and female) daughter of Jean Antoine Pierre GEORGES, thatcher, present at the ceremony and deceased Madeleine DURIER (died Hudimesnil 15/1/1819)

Birth Rosalie Marie CHASTEL 30/3/1835 Hudimesnil (50)

5 Mi 1036 1833-1842 p.119

Rosalie Marie born at 3am

Father: Charles Francois CHASTEL, day worker (usually refers to farmhands who were employed on a daily basis) aged 21

Mother: Desiree GEORGES, aged 26.

Witnesses appear not to be related. Signed by the father and witnesses. Probably the first time you will have set eyes on Charles CHATEL's signature. I haven't found any other children for this couple yet.

  • Jean CHATEL x2 Marguerite Scholastique PHILIPPE 24/9/1809 Cerences (50)

5 Mi 1430 1807-1810

Jean CHATEL, carpenter, aged 30 years, born Trelly 3/4/1779 (on other documents it says 13/4/1779 – unfortunately as the registers for that period are missing we cannot confirm one way or the other) and currently living in Le Mesnil Aubert. Adult son of Jean Louis Barthelemy CHATEL, carpenter, present, and Marie Jeanne FAUVEL, also living in Le Mesnil Aubert. Widower of Marie Madeleine Hue (died le Mesnil Aubert 10/1/1809).

Marguerite Scholastique PHILIPPE, farm worker, aged 31 years, born in Cerences 9/1/1778. Adult daughter of Nicolas PHILIPPE (son of Pierre) (when they specify 'son of' it indicates there are several of the same name so they need to identify which one it relates to), present, also living in Cerences, and Marie Jeanne Gillette REQUIER (died Cerences 5/6/1808).


Jacques Francois CHATEL, carpenter, aged 25 years, brother of the groom, living in Le Mesnil Aubert.

Pierre Thomas PHILIPPE, farm worker, aged 23 years, brother of the bride,

Jean Baptiste PHILIPPE, 32 years and Antoine Francois PHILIPPE, 28 years, brothers and farm workers, cousins of the bride.

Nicolas Eduouard Plantagenet, aged 31, living in Cerences (doesn't appear to be related).


  • Birth Charles Francois CHATEL 30/7/1813 Cerences (50)

5 Mi 1015 1813-1822 p.60

Charles Francois, born 6am

Father: Sir Jean CHATEL (note after the revolution the use of Sir was widespread without indicating any nobility), carpenter, aged 34 years, originally from Trelly, living in Cerences.

Mother: Marguerite Scholastique PHILIPPE.

Witnesses do not appear to be relations.

Father signs Jean CHATEL

Jean CHASTEL x1 Madeleine HUE 5 ventose an X (24/2/1802) Lengronne (50)

5 Mi 1736 An IX-1810 (1800-1810) p.52

Citizen Jean CHASTEL, aged 22 years, born Trelly 13/4/1779, day worker, living at Le Mesnil Aubert. Son of Jean Louis Barthelemy CHASTEL, living at Le Mesnil Aubert, and Marie Jeanne FAUVEL.

Citizen Madelaine HUE, aged 30 years, born Lengronne 9/3/1772, living at Lengronne. Daughter of deceased Louis Georges HUE and deceased Jeanne DUCHEMIN

Witnesses do not appear to be relations.

Birth Victor Magloire CHASTEL 27 Messidor an XI (16/7/1803) Le Mesnil Aubert (50)

NB The archives for Le Mesnil Aubert are found under Mesnil Aubert (Le)

5 Mi 1040 An XI-1812 (1802-1812) p.6

Victor Magloire, born at 4pm

Father: Jean CHASTEL, carpenter, born Le Mesnil Aubert

Mother: Magdeleine HUE, born Lengronne

Birth Jacques Francois CHATEL 2 Germinal an XIII (23/3/1805) Le Mesnil Aubert (50)

5Mi 1693 1792-An XI (1792-1803)

Jacques Francois, born at 6am

Father: Jean CHATEL, aged 32 years, carpenter, living in Le Mesnil Aubert.

Mother: Madeleine HUE

Witness: Jacques Francois CHATEL, aged 20 years, pledged servant of Le Mesnil Aubert (don't really know what this term means – will have to check it out).

Birth Fleur Henriette CHASTEL 21/3/1807 Le Mesnil Aubert (50)

5 Mi 1040 An XI-1812 (1802-1812) p. 64

Fleur Henriette, born 5am

Father: Jean CHASTEL, carpenter, aged 28 years, living in le Mesnil Aubert

Mother: Magdeleine HUE

Birth Rosalie CHASTEL 8/1/1809 Le Mesnil Aubert (50)

5 Mi 1040 An XI-1812 (1802-1812) p.99

Rosalie, born 8am

Father: Jean CHASTEL, carpenter, aged 29 years, living Le Mesnil Aubert

Mother: Marie Madeleine HUE

Death Marie Madeleine HUE 9/1/1809 Le Mesnil Aubert (50)

5 Mi 1040 An XI-1812 (1802-1812) p.99

Marie Madeleine HUE, died 9am.

Wife of Charles CHASTEL, carpenter.

Aged 35 years, daughter of Louis HUE, farm worker, and Jeanne DUCHEMIN, living Lengronne.

Birth Jean Marie CHASTEL 18/10/1810 Le Mesnil Aubert (50)

5Mi 1040 An XI-1812 (1802-1812) p.127

Jean Marie born 1pm

Father: Jean CHASTEL, aged 31 years, carpenter, living in Le Mesnil Aubert.

Mother: Marguerite Scholastique PHILIPPE

Birth and Death Dominique CHATEL 4/8/1817 Cerences (50)

5 Mi 1015 1813-1822 p.399

Dominique born 5am, died 9am

Father: Jean CHATEL, carpenter, aged 38 years, born in Trelly and living in Cerences

Mother: Marguerite Scholastique PHILIPPE

  • Death Marguerite Scholastique PHILIPPE 5/8/1817 Cerences (50)

5 Mi 1015 1813-1822 p.400

Marguerite Scholastique PHILIPPE, died 5pm.

Spinner, aged 39 years, , born Cerences 9/1/1778 and living in Cerences.

Daughter of Nicolas PHILIPPE (son of deceased Pierre) and deceased Marie Jeanne REQUIER.

Wife of Jean CHATEL, carpenter, living in Cerences.

Jean CHATEL x3 Jeanne Francoise LANGLOIS 16/8/1818 Cerences (50)

5 Mi 1015 1813-1822 p.473

Sir Jean CHATEL, carpenter, aged 39 years, born in Trelly 3/4/1779, living in Cerences. Adult son of Jean Louis Barthelemy CHATEL, carpenter, present, living in Trelly and Marie Jeanne Fauvel. Widower of his first marige to Marie Madeleine HUE (died Le Mesnil Aubert 10/1/1809) and second marriage to Marguerite Scholastique PHILIPPE (died Cerences 5/8/1817).

Jeanne Francoise LANGLOIS, spinner, aged 26 years, born in La Haye-Pesnel17/4/1792, and living in Cerences. Adult daughter of Charles LANGLOIS, clog maker, present, and Thomasse Victoire CORNETFOU, living in Cerences.

Witness: Sir Charles Guillaume LANGLOIS, aged 28 year, clog maker, brother to the bride, and others non-related to the couple.

Signed Jean CHATEL and JLB CHASTEL among others.

Birth Marie Louise CHATEL 9/4/1819 Cerences (50)

5 Mi 1015 1813-1822 p.530

Marie Louise, born at 6am

Father: Sir Jean CHATEL, carpenter, aged 40 years, born Trelly and living in Cerences.

Mother: Jeanne Francoise LANGLOIS

  • Death Jean CHATEL 31/7/1820 Cerences (50)

5 Mi 1015 1813-1822 p.622

Jean CHATEL died 2pm

Carpenter, aged 41 years, born Trelly 3/4/1779 and living Cerences.

Son of Jean Louis Barthelemy CHATEL, carpenter, and Marie Jeanne FAUVEL.

Widower of first marriage to Marie Madeleine HUE, widower of second marriage to Marguerite Scholastique PHILIPPE, and husband of third marriage to Jeanne Francoise LANGLOIS.

Birth Gregoire CHATEL 7/2/1821 Cerences (50)

5 Mi 1015 1813-1822 p.674

Gregoire, born 5am

Father: Jean CHATEL (deceased), carpenter, born Trelly

Mother: Jeanne Francoise LANGLOIS, spinner.

My next search was for the birth of Jean CHATEL in Trelly. I had his date of birth in 1779 but unfortunately records between 1770 and 1792 are lost., meaning that his birth certificate cannot be retrieved, and there will be great difficulty in finding siblings (although he certainly had one brother called Jacques Francois CHATEL, who I will follow up at a later date). As Jean is named after his father, he is likely to be the first born son, meaning his parents are likely to have married in Trelly at the time of the lost records. However, as both parents died post Revolution, their death certificates provide the important details of their births and parentage..

  • Death Jean Louis Barthelemy CHATEL 23/11/1819 Trelly (50)

5 Mi 1184 1813-1822 p.269

Jean Louis Barthelemy CHATEL, died 9am

Aged 68 years, born at Le Mesnil Aubert 24/8/1751, carpenter, living at Trelly .

Husband of Marie Jeanne FAUVEL.

Son of deceased Noel CHATEL and deceased Anne HERSENT

  • Death Marie Jeanne FAUVEL 6/6/1830 Trelly (50)

5 Mi 1184 1823-1832 p.235/6

Marie Jeanne FAUVEL, died 7pm

Widow of Jean Louis Barthelemi CHATEL.

Aged 69 years, born Trelly 2/12/1750. Farm worker in Trelly.

Daughter of deceased Jean FAUVEL Grand Maison (the name being followed by some descriptive suggests a lot of FAUVEL of the same name in this area. In this case the name is followed by a place – it could be a hamlet name or simply mean the big house) and deceased Jeanne LENORMAND

  • Birth Jean Louis Barthelemy CHASTEL 24/8/1751 Le Mesnil Aubert

5 Mi 1693 1740-1766 p.66

Father: Noel CHASTEL, deck hand

Anne HERCENT, from St Louet sur Sienne

… both living in Le Mesnil Aubert for the length of time that gives them right of abode (not sure how long this means).

Godfather: Jean Baptiste Le Tarouilly, son of Master Pierre Le Tarouilly, farmhand.

Godmother Anne Le Tarouilly, his sister.

That is as far back as I can go with the CHATEL family at the moment – the trace has gone cold. We may pick it up again at some future point. In the meantime, here is info of the PHILIPPE branch. PHILIPPE

  • Nicolas PHILIPPE x Marie Jeanne Gillette REQUIER 11/6/1777 Cerences (50)

5 Mi 1428 1761-1777 p.366

Nicolas PHILIPPE, son of deceased Pierre, son of Pierre, farm labourer, and Margueritte ESTOR of Cerences. ...

married in the church of St Louet …

Marie Jeanne Gillette REQUIER, daughter of deceased Andre REQUIER and Jeanne JOUENNE.

Nicolas PHILIPPE had with him the certifcate of banns dated 10/6/1777

NB JOUENNE is the name of the nobility in Cerences at this time. May not be related, but will keep an eye out for links

  • Birth Marguerite Scholastique PHILIPES 9/1/1778 Cerences (50)

5 Mi 1429 1778-1792 p.3

Father: Nicolas PHILIPES son of deceased Pierre, farm labourer.

Mother: Marie … REQUIER

Godfather: Nicolas PHILIPES, labourer, son of deceased Pierre, paternal great uncle.

Godmother: Marguerite ESTORRE, paternal grandmother.

Birth Louis PHILIPPE 1/1/1781 Cerences (50)

5 Mi 1429 1778-1792

Father Nicolas PHILIPPE, farm labourer, son of illegible

Mother: Marie REQUIER

Godfather: Louis Georges VALLEE

Godmother: Marie illegible his wife. (later discovered to be Marie Jeanne Francoise De La RUE)

Birth Marie Jeanne Nicolasse PHILIPPE 5/7/1783 Cerences (50)

5 Mi 1429 1778-1792 p.129

Father: Nicolas PHILIPPE, farm labourer

Mother: Marie REQUIER

Godfather: Andre REQUIER, farm labourer in the parish of Saint Louet sur Sienne, maternel uncle

Godmother: Jeanne PIGNARD, his wife, and so aunt.

  • Pierre PHILIPPEx Margueritte ESTORRE 27/11/1751 Cerences (50)

5 Mi 1428 1705, 1747-1760 p.70

Pierre PHILIPPE, carpenter, aged 20 years, son of Pierre PHILIPPE, also carpenter, and Marie de ROQUANCOUR.

Margueritte ESTORRE, aged 26 years, daughter of deceased Philippe ESTORRE, who during his life was a farm labourer, and deceased illegible VINCENT, from the parish of Hudimesnil, living in Cerences for several years.


Pierre PHILIPPE – father to the groom Nicolas DUCHEMIN illegible and Francois DUCHEMIN illegible, farm labourers and cousins. Francois DUCHEMIN (la vallee) son of the afore mentioned. Philippe ESTORRE (les Jardins), farm labourer and cousin of the bride. Suzanne, Marie and Michelle ESTORRE his sisters. From the parish of Hudimesnil

Many signatures, but both bride and groom declared not to know how to sign their names.

  • Birth Nicolas PHILIPPE 15/2/1758 Cerences (50)

5 Mi 1428 1705, 1747-1760 p.202

Father: Pierre PHILIPPE, carpenter, son of Pierre

Mother: Margueritte ESTORRE

Godfather: Nicolas PLANTEGENEST of illegible son of deceased Jacques

Godmother: Marie FRUMIN, daughter of Pierre. Birth Anne Margueritte PHILIPPE 25/12/1753 Cerences (50)

5 Mi 1428 1705, 1747-1760 p.111

Father: Pierre PHILIPPE, carpenter, son of Pierre

Mother: Margueritte ETORRE

Godfather: Philippe ETORRE, from Hudimesnil, cousin

Godmother: Anne BLANCHARD, daughter of deceased Charles BLANCHARD

Birth Pierre Francois PHILIPPE 4/2/1756 Cerences (50)

5 Mi 1705, 1747-1760 p.161

Father: Pierre PHILIPPE, carpenter, son of Pierre

Mother: Marguerite ETORRE

Godfather: Pierre PHILIPPE, grandfather - signs

Godmother: Marie ETORRE, aunt

  • Pierre PHILIPPE x Marie Marthe De ROCANCOURT 3/2/1728 Cerences (50)

5 Mi 1427 1717-1731 p.207

Pierre PHILIPPE, son of deceased Nicolas and Marie HAREL

Marie Marthe De ROCANCOURT, daughter of Julien and of Louise GIROT


Marie HAREL, mother of the groom Nicolas PHILIPPE, brother of the groom Master Julien De ROCANCOURT, father of the bride, who signs Louise GIROT, mother of the bride

and others.

NB. The prefeix of 'de' or 'du' usually, but not always, indicates noble birth. The 'De ROCANCOURT/De ROQUANCOURT' noble family appears to have its seat in the dept of Calvados 14. Master can indicate that the person is a master in their craft (master cobbler or master builder for example), or is used for professions (such as sollicitor, judge) or someone of power (Captain or representative of a parish)

  • Birth Pierre PHILIPPE 3/1/1731 Cerences (50)

5 Mi 1717-1731 p.268

Father: Pierre PHILIPPE

Mother: Marie Marthe De ROCANCOURT

Godfather: Pierre GOSSELIN Carhaye?

Godmother: Marie LAMY


  • Jean Antoine Pierre GEORGE x Magdelaine DURIER 18/6/1807 Hudimesnil

5 Mi 1034 An XI-1812 (1802-1812) p.248-9 (also promise of marriage recorded p.274)

Sir Jean Antoine Pierre GEORGE, aged 23 years, born in Grandville (now spelt without the 'd') 8/3/1784. Adult son of Antoine GEORGE, presumed dead following the sentence given by the Justice of the Peace of Grandville 5/6/1807 and registered and annexed to this present register (unfortunately can't find it online) and deceased Marie Olive QUONIAM (died Grandville 8/11/1786).

Magdelaine DURIER, seamstress, aged 19 years, born Hudimesnil and baptised at Lorreur, due to inclement weather conditions, 23/12/1787. Minor, illegitimate daughter of Jeanne DURIER, seamstress, present and consenting, living in Hudimesnil.

Witnesses do not appear to be relations.

Jean Antoine Pierre GEORGE declared that he did not know how to sign his name.

  • Birth Desiree GEORGE 30/11/1808 Hudimesnil

5 Mi 1034 An XI-1812 (1802-1812) p.309

Desiree, born 6pm

Father: Jean Antoine Pierre GEORGE, thatcher, aged 24, living in Hudimesnil.

Mother: Magdelaine DURIER

Birth Angelique Perrine GEORGE 22/3/1814 Hudimesnil

5 Mi 1034-1035 1813-1822 p.101-2

Angelique Perrine, born 6am

Father: Jean Antoine Pierre GEORGE, thatcher, aged 30 years, living Hudimesnil

Mother: Madeleine DURIER, aged 26 years

Birth Honore Marie GEORGE 30/12/1816 Hudimesnil

5 Mi 1034-1035 1813-1822 p.407

Honore Marie, born 6pm (? - not sure as registered 8am the same day – strange)

Father: Jean Antoine Pierre GEORGE, thatcher, aged 30 something years, living in Hudimesnil.

Mother: Jeanne DURIER, aged 28 years.

  • Death Madeleine DURIER 15/1/1819 Hudimesnil

5 Mi 1034-1035 1813-1822 p.494

Madeleine DURIER, died 4pm

Seamstress, aged 31 years, born in Hudimesnil and baptised in Lorreur 23/12/1787, living in Hudimesnil, hamlet of 'la lainiere'. Illegitimate daughter of Jeanne DURIER

Declared by Jean Antoine Pierre GEORGE, thatcher aged 35, spouse of the deceased.

Jean Antoine Pierre GEORGE x2 Anne Jeanne Le PINSON 31/1/1820 Hudimesnil

5 Mi 1034-1035 1813-1822 p.543

Jean Antoine Pierre GEORGE, thatcher, aged 35 years, born Granville 8/3/1784, living in Hudimesnil, widower of Madeleine DURIER (died Hudimesnil 15/1/1819). Adult son of deceased Antoine GEORGE (died ca illegible) and of deceased Marie Olive CONIAM (died Granville 8/11/1786)

Anne Jeanne Le PINSON, seamstress, aged 42 years, born Hudimesnil 24/1/1778, living in Hudimesnil, widow of Jean Francois GUERIN (died Hudimesnil 5/2/1818). Adult daughter of Francois Le PINSON, present, living in Hudimesnil and of deceased Charlote MARBOUT (died Hudimesnil 11 nivose, III)

No witnesses are relations. Neither bride nor groom knew how to sign their names.

Birth Louis Victor GEORGE 20/7/1821 Hudimesnil

5 Mi 1034-1035 1813-1822 p.623-624

Louis Victor, born at midday

Father: Jean Antoine Pierre GEORGE, thatcher, aged 36 years, living in Hudimesnil.

Mother: Anne Jeanne Le PINSON, aged 43 years.

  • Death Jean Antoine Pierre GEORGES, 19/8/1860 Hudimesnil

5 Mi 1037 1853-1862 p.288 (sideways on)

Jean Antoine Pierre GEORGES, died 8am

Roofer, aged 76 years, living at Hudimesnil, hamlet of 'la halbete', born at Granville 8/3/1784, widower from first marriage to Madeleine DURIER and from second marriage to Anne Jeanne Le PINSON. Son of deceased Antoine GEORGES and deceased Olive CONIAM

Antoine GEORGE x Marie Olive QUONIAM 26/4/1781 Granville

5 Mi 706 – 1781 (1781-1781) p.16

NB. For Granville searches pre-Revolution, it is best to give the specific year. Due to the number of records each year has its own archive book.

Antoine GEORGE, joiner, aged 30 years, son of deceased Jacques GEORGE and deceased Madeleine illegible, native of the city and republic of Geneva and living in Granville for almost 2 years.

Marie Olive QUONIAM, aged 23 years, daughter of deceased Guillaume Alexis QUONIAM and of deceased Marie LEFEVRE, from Granville.

Witnesses include:

Jacques QUONIAM – uncle and guardian of the bride Jean Alexis QUONIAM – brother of the bride

Signed by Antoine GEORGE and Marie QUONIAM among others.

  • Birth Jean Antoine Pierre GEORGE 8/3/1784 Granville

5 Mi 706 1784 (1784-1784) p.20

Jean Antoine Pierre, baptised the same day 8/3/1784, Granville

Father: Antoine GEORGE, joiner

Mother: Illegible

Godfather: Jean GOSSE

Godmother: Marguerite DAVID

Birth Anne Marie GEORGE 15/1/1783 Granville

5 Mi 706 1783 (1783-1783) p.4

Anne Marie, baptised 16/1/1783, Granville

Father: Jacques (?) Antoine GEORGE, joiner

Mother: Marie Olive QUONIAM

Godfather: Jean Alexis QUONIAM – the child's uncle

Godmother: Anne DUVAL

Birth Jacques Nicolas GEORGES 9/1/1785 Granville

5 Mi 706 – 1785 (1785-1785) p.3

Jacques Nicolas, baptised 10/1/1785, Granville

Father: Jacques (?) Antoine GEORGES, joiner

Mother: Marie Olive QUONIAM

Godfather: Jacques Julien AUGER

Godmother: Margueritte Nicolasse GUERIN, wife of Jacques Julien AUGER

  • Death Marie Olive QUONIAM 8/11/1786 Granville

5 Mi 707 – 1786 (1786-1786) Granville

Wife of Jacques GEORGES, aged 27 years.

Buried in the cemetery 9/11/1786

That is it for the GEORGE family for now. I will return to follow the DURIER and QUONIAM family at a later stage. For the GEORGE family, going further back will be more difficult, with the Swiss roots, but not unachievable.

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