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Corrections and additional information for the children of Pierre Bisson b. 1839 and Charlotte Le Tissier b. 1837. For the maternal ancestors of Charlotte Le Tissier click on the link. Pierre and Charlotte emigrated to the USA between September 1870 and August 1874. I cannot confirm any of the USA dates for the birth of the last 2 children or the deaths of any of these people.

8-Emily BISSON (11 December 1859-8 November 1943) Additional information: Bapt. EMILIE 28 Dec 1859, Vale, Guernsey.

8-Peter BISSON Jr (30 August 1861-14 January 1864) Additional information: Bapt. PIERRE 30 Aug 1861, Vale, Guernsey. Also the DOD is incorrect. This is the death of his younger brother Simon Pierre.

8-Simon Peter BISSON (8 October 1863-3 July 1927) Additional information: Bapt. SIMON PIERRE 8 Oct 1863, Vale, Guernsey. Also the DOD is incorrect. He actually died 14 Jan 1861, Vale, Guernsey.

8-James H BISSON Sr (26 November 1864-26 July 1927) m Lizzie G. HURT (1865-1900) Additional information: Bapt. JAMES HENRY 26 Nov 1864, Vale, Guernsey.

8-Walter John BISSON (27 July 1867-27 September 1938) m Farrah ? (-) Additional information: Bapt. WALTER JOHN 7 Jul 1867, Vale, Guernsey. For wife Farrah - Name I found for wife was Annie Norman STEWART and the 3 children I found all have STEWART as a middle name, including Norman. I can't confirm this as correct though.

8-Ernest Henry BISSON (14 August 1879-1 March 1941) m Sadie L. PRATT (17 December 1871-) Additional information: Bapt. ERNEST HENRY 14 Aug 1870, Vale, Guernsey. Note: YOB was 1870 not 1879. By 1879 the family was already in the USA.

8-Bertie Guernsey BISSON Sr (1 September 1874-20 January 1960) m Clara May THAXTON (27 September 1885-1 October 1970)

8-Lottie A BISSON (28 December 1876-19 March 1924) m Joe BOOTH (1 November 1872-19 February 1966) Additional information: Correct name CHARLOTTE ANN

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