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Mike, Noticed that the pages in the St Brelade baptisms are a little out of order - ref. pge 55 onwards for at least several pages. May be a page missing as well - the 2nd DE L'ETAT baptisms appears not to be there?


ST MARY Baptism - pge 19 missing?

Noticed that page 19 (your numbering) appears to be missing from the St Mary Baptisms (Source) records.

Trinity Baptisms - Source document

The early baptisms for DE LA HAYE in Trinity (1730's...) seems to be out of order or missing from the source documents - though in the index. Points to wrong page when using 'source' button.

Looking for information


I'm a descendant of the following line :

Antoine Bord + Lucy Hamon (1846- 1926)

    Lucy Hamon, daughter of Clement Hamon (1816 St John/1872) + Anne Esther Le Feuvre (1819/1856)
            Clement Hamon, son of Philip Hamon (1784 St John - ) + Anne Le Moignan (1786 -)
                    Philip Hamon, son of John Hamon (1773 - ) + Elisabeth ?
            Anne Esther Le Feuvre, daughter of Jean Le Feuvre (1785 - 1844) + Elisabeth Chevalier (1828 -)

I am looking for the link between our oldest line and those on the site, but cannot find it. Could anybody help ?

I would be happy to provide information on Clement, as well as the Bord/Hamon marriage. Many interesting things - He was a French minister whose first position was in Jersey (which church ?). He met with Lucy and they had 5 daughters (could not find any trace of baptism documents) Theodore 1869 Blanche 1870 Eunice 1872 Lucy 1874 Eva 1876 Unfortunalty, he died young and 3 of the 5, being well educated, had to migrate as governesses. 2 in Russia, 1 in France. One married an infamous futur governor in India, one became the spiritual daughter of famous and celebrated French minister. if anyone is interested, I have more info + pictures.

But would be very grateful for the missing link !

Entries not in Index

Hi Mike, Noticed that there are a number of ROISSIER baptisms (Grouville 1730's ie Catherine and Elizabeth) are missing from the Indexes but apppear in the Grouville Source documents.

Notice some of the JOURNEAUX baptisms in the St Mary source documents are not appearing in the index. Tried every trick I knew in case I was searching incorrectly... but no such luck.

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