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Amice DE QUETTEVILLE There are two Amice marriages to a Catherine BAUDAYN/BAUDAINS (var) marriages. 1663 - Catherine fe Abraham fs Francois md Amice DE QUETTEVILLE - this states that this is Amice's 3rd marriage. 1669 Catherine fe Francois md Amice DE QUETTEVILLE.

So the 1663 marriage must be Amice Snr - previously married (1637) Marie GAUDIN (Marie buried 1645) and (1645-1650) Marie LAURENS (Marie buried Jan 1662/3) - as above remarried 1663. The 2nd Amice is son of Amice and Marie GAUDIN - bapt 1642 - he married 1669 as per above. The 1662/3 was never going to be a fit being his 3rd mge before he was 21yrs of age!

Amice Jnr was buried 1703. Amice Snr was buried 1691 - Catherine BAUDAYN died 1697 widow of Amice DE QUETTEVILLE. Catherine BAUDAYN wife of Amice Jnr remarried after his death in Sept 1703 to Martin MESSERVY (md Feb 1703/4)

The above is a good analysis of facts that initially seem rather confusing. Knowing there was discussion on this subject, I decided to by-pass the "Discussion" page in order to tackle the problem without bias. I came to the exact conclusion, barring identification of wife number 2, which I have now finally read, above. Interestingly, the de Quetteville`s hired genealogist, Charles Langton, thought Amice (1614-1691) had married 1 Unknown; 2 1663 Catherine Baudains fille feu Abraham (even though it is twice stated to be a third marriage) and 3 1669 Catherine Baudains fille Francois! So, we must be doing something right! Guy Dixon


There is a mge in this tree (generation 7) Charles DE QUETTEVILLE (1673) to Marie RICHARDSON in 1708, with children - Marie (1709), Elie (1710), Abraham (1716) and Francois (1740!). I cannot find a mge for Charles to Marie in 1708 or around that time. Nor can I find matches for baptisms of the above children.

There is a marriage Elie DE QUETTEVILLE fs Jean to Marie RICHARDSON in 1708 (same year as stated above) - with issue Marie (1709), Elie (1710/11), Francois (1713), Elizabeth (1715), Abraham (1716) and Jeanne (1723)... but cannot find Jeanne's baptism in Register - but is in Jerripedia index/CIFHS transcripts. These are remarkably similar to the children stated in the tree for Charles and Marie RICHARDSON.

I think Jeanne bapt 1723 is an incorrect date - her mother would have been too old to have had another child in this year. There is a burial for Jeanne (1725) fe Elie De QUETTEVILLE and Marie RICHARDSON described as a child. I would think that Jeanne was baptised 1718/19 or earlier!

I cannot immediately identify an Elie DE QUETTEVILLE fs Jean, except bapt. 1676 fs Jean and Margaret LE MAINERE - not my reearch and haven't followed up. None of the Children's GPs give any immediate clue as to their DE QUETTEVILLE family. I believe Elie died 1733, Marie was a widow in her burial entry in 1767.

I think their dau Elizabeth bapt. 1715 may have married Isaac RENOUF. Elie DE QUETTEVILLE and Marie RICHARDSON named as GPs to two of their children.

Son Elie (1710/11) md Marthe PERCHARD.

I cannot find where the Charles DE QUETTEVILLE/Marie RICHARDSON marriage and issue information came from... just wondering if there has been a confusion. Response: Yes, a transcription or initial interpretation error of Elie becoming instead, Charles--Guy Dixon (it is now amended)

Also in the same generation as mentioned above (generation 7) - which is the same generation mention below: Bail de partage between Sara de Queteville, wife of Michel Fauvel, Anne de Queteville, wife of George Gaudin, both daughters of the late Francois de Queteville and Catherine Machon, his wife of the first party and David de Queteville, son and principal heir of the aforesaid deceased. Records the sale from 1 to 2 of their rights to the héritage of Francois de Queteville and his aforesaid wife for the sum of 18 cabots of wheat rente. Reference: L/C/231/A3/17 Date: April 17th 1708

Which indicates to me that Charles as detailed above md to Marie RICHARDSON had died before 1708 - which doesn't match the baptisms above!

Happy to be proven wrong...

Jean DE QUETTEVILLE (c 1595?) md Rachel LE MAISTRE

5 Jean de Quetteville (1595?- ) [7] m Rachel Le Maistre d of Thomas [8] Jean and Rachel's son Edemond eldest daughter baptised as follow:

ST MARTIN BAPTISM (Jerripedia) 09 Nov 1656 - Elizabeth fe Edmond DE QUETTEVILLE et Rachel MESSERVY [Jean DE QUETTEVILLE, Grandpere et Elizabeth LE MESTRE, sa femme]

I took from this that Jean DE QUETTEVILLE had remarried to Elizabeth LE MESTRE - yet to find out if the two wives are related.

Also with regarding to Edmond's Will - there is mention of only two daughters? Elizabeth and Marie - though I cannot find any trace of a Marie born to Edmond DE Q and Rachel MESSERVY.

Also Elizabeth fe Edmond De Q and Rachel MESSERVY married Philippe RICHARDSON - Philippe is named as beau frere in Edmond's Will and Elizabeth and Philippe are named as GPs to children.

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