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I am a descendant of Jean Le Reposse dit Le Scelleur (1571-1615), whom I know of as Jean Le Scelleur, and Jeanne de la Haye. Their son Jean Le Scelleur, whom I understand married Ann Machon, is in your chart as married to Marie Machon. Their son Nicholas who married Marie Fluet, is not in your chart, so there must be more family members than you show. Will you please tell me your sources?

I am the gt-gt-gt grandaughter of Philippe Dorey (1753-1847) and Judith Le Scelleur (1777-1807). Judith died shortly after childbirth in Jersey. Philippe remarried and took his second wife and children to Nova Scotia. I was born and live in California.

I am very pleased to find this descendancy! Thank you.

Susan Dorey

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