The German ultimatum

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The German ultimatum

These were the terms of the German ultimatum dropped from the air on Jersey on the morning of 1 July 1940:-

To the Chief of the Military and Civil Authorities, Jersey (St Helier).

  • 1 I intend to neutralize military establishments in Jersey by occupation.
  • 2 As evidence that the Island will surrender the military and other establishments without resistance and without destroying them, a large White Cross is to be shown as follows, from 7 am, July 2nd, 1940
a In the centre of the air port in the East of the Island
b On the highest point of the fortifications of the port
c On the square to the north of the Inner Basin of the Harbour
Moreover all fortifications, buildings, establishments and houses are to show the White Flag
  • 3 If these signs of peaceful surrender are not observed by 7 am, July 2nd, heavy bombardment will take place
a Against all military objects
b Against all establishments and objects useful for defence
  • 4 The signs of surrender must remain up to the time of the occupation of the Island by German troops
  • 5 Representatives of the Authorities must stay at the air port until the Occupation
  • 6 All Radio traffic and other communication with Authorities outside the Island will be considered hostile actions and will be followed by bombardment
  • 7 Every hostile action against my representatives will be followed by bombardment
  • 8 In case of peaceful surrender; the lives, property, and liberty of peaceful inhabitants are solemnly guaranteed

The Commander of the German Air Forces in Normandy, RICHTHOFEN, General.

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