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de Carterets


John de Carteret (1542-1608)

Seigneur of Vinchelez de Haut and Jurat in 1579, Jean was a prominent Royalist and the personal friend of Charles II when Prince of Wales. He is shown in the Extente of 1607 as owing the price of a pair of gilt spurs and three cabots of wheat in Crown Rente.

Philippe de Carteret (1575-1640)

Attorney-General of Jersey and Captain of the Militia of the parish of St Peter in 1620. Jurat in 1629.

Francis de Carteret ( -1670)

Seigneur of La Hague and one of the Parliamentarian Commissioners of Jersey in 1642.

Philip de Carteret (1639-1683)

He became the first governor of New Jersey following the English conquest of the previous Dutch administration of New Netherland and the subsequent renaming of the territory.See full biography

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