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Sir Thomas Mansell (1777 – 1858) was a Guernsey-born Naval Officer and Ship Owner.



Thomas Mansell was born on the 9 February 1777 and was the third son of Thomas Mansell.

Private Life

Mansell married twice. His first wife was Catherine Lukis, the daughter of John Lukis, a Guernsey Merchant. They married in 1806. Following Catherine's death he married Charlotte the daughter of John Wood.


In January 1793 he joined the frigate Crescent as a midshipman under fellow Guernseyman James Saumarez. He followed Saumarez when the latter took command of the 74 gun Orion. Whilst serving on the Orion he was present at the Battles of Groix (1795), Cape St Vincent (1797) where he was wounded, and at the Nile (1798). Following the action at the Nile he was promoted acting-lieutenant of the Aquilon by Nelson. He then served in the channel and on the French coast, and was shipwrecked near Chichester in 1799 whilst on board the Impregnable. He was also present at the capture of the Cape of Good Hope.

Mansell acted as flag-lieutenant to Sausmarez in the Diomede, Hibernia, and on HMS Victory. In 1808 he was promoted to the command of the sloop Rose, and took part in the capture of Anholt in the Baltic on 18 May 1809.For his actions in the Baltic he was rewarded by the Tsar, and the King of Sweden presented him with the Order of the Sword. He was promoted captain on the 7 June 1814, although he saw no more service after that year. In 1837 he was nominated to the Royal Guelphic Order (KCH) and knighted. On 9 October 1849 he became a rear-admiral on the retired list.

Following his retirement Mansell returned to Guernsey. He had captured at least 170 prizes during his naval career, which appears to have left him with a substantial amount of money. He invested considerably in in local shipping, having shares in such vessels as Emilia, Maid of Alicante, Lavinia and in both the Sir Thomas Mansell (named after him), and in the Lady Mansell. .


Mansell died on 22 April 1858 at the age of 81.


The States of Guernsey, Island Archives Service holds papers and correspondence, including papers relating to his prize account. Island Archives, Guernsey; AQ 365.


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