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Touzel family page

This family name, originally given to someone who wore his hair short, has been present in Jersey in one form or another since the 14th century


Clifford Touzel, with his wife Ada Rose, nee Moon

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Arms of Joshua John Le Touzel

Origin of Surname

This surname is of French origin and referred to someone who wore his hair short. It comes from the old French tondé.

However, it might also translate as 'the stripling'.

Early records

Baptism records for Touzel date back to the end of the 16th century, but the name had certainly been present in one form or another for perhaps 200 or more years.

Although Touzels are not as numerous in Jersey as they once were - only 16 families are listed in the 2011 telephone directory - the family has spread throughout the world, most notably in Australia and Canada. Touzels were involved in Jersey's maritime trade and the Canadian seaboard cod fishing industry.

The censuses from 1841 to 1911 show that Touzel numbers were at their highest in Jersey during the 19th century, peaking at 167 in 1861 and falling to 132 by 1911.


  • Touzel, 1668
  • Touseill 1617
  • Touzell 1607
  • Tousell
  • Touzet, French variant
  • Touzé, French variant
  • Le Touzé, French variant
  • de Touzel 1402
  • Tousel 1309
  • Le Touzel
  • Le Touzey

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