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Trachy family page


Ann Trachy (1845- ) and her daughter Florence

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Origin of Surname

Very little is known about the appearance of this name in the Channel Islands or its origins. It probably has the same derivation as the French names Traché, Trachet, Trachez and Tracez, which are derived from placenames in the north of the country, indicating a road or track, or perhaps a hedge.

Early records

The family tree below suggests that the family can be traced back to the 13th century, although early generations are clearly very inaccurate. This early appearance is supported to an extent by other records containing alternative early spellings.

The name first appears in baptism records in the 1620s, but these individuals who predate those registers appear in other records:

  • Jeanne Trachy was born in St Lawrence about 1520 and married Nicholas Le Bas in about 1544
  • Perrotine Trachy was born in Trinity about 1572 and died in about 1612. She married Jean Chevalier in 1598. They had four children, Pierre, Jean, Marie and Charles.
  • Nicholas Trachy was born in Vale Guernsey in 1679, the son of Jean. Jean also had a daughter Elizabeth who was born in Vale in 1681.

The name appears extensively in 18th century Guernsey records, particularly in Castel and St Andrew's


  • Trachy, c1340
  • Trachy dit Bordier 1446
  • Trachie 1607
  • Trascy 1528
  • Tracheye 1331
  • Trache
  • Trachee 1309
  • de Tracei 1135

French variants

  • Traché
  • Trachet
  • Trachez
  • Tracez

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Related place names

  • Rue de Trachy, St Lawrence, Jersey

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