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Descendants of Helier de Carteret

This is the family tree of the de Carterets who were seigneurs of Trinity. A large section of this tree, previously shown after Marie de Carteret (1640-1681) at generation 5 has been removed, becuase she has been shown not to be the mother of the children previously shown. They were the children of Jane Le Couteur, the second wife of Charles de Carteret, of the Vinchelez de Haut branch. The children and their descendants have been removed to that tree.


Trinity tombstone of Charles de Carteret ( -1685) and his first wife Marie ( -1681) - see generation 5

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  • 1 Helier de Carteret 1532-1584 m Margaret de Carteret (1510- )
    • 2 Amias (Amice) de Carteret (1559-1631), Bailiff of Guernsey m Catherine Lempriere (1560-1610) daughter of Gilles, Seigneur of Trinity
      • 3 Philippe de Carteret
      • 3 Eduard de Carteret
      • 3 Josue de Carteret ( -1631) Seigneur of Trinity, Jurat m Jane Herault ( -1654) d of Edward
        • 4 Sir Edward de Carteret ( -1683) m Elizabeth Johnson, d of Robert
          • 5 Elizabeth de Carteret (1660-1717 m Sir Philip de Carteret ( -1693)
          • 5 Charles de Carteret
          • 5 Eduard de Carteret (1670- ) buried in Westminster Abbey
        • 4 Abraham de Carteret
        • 4 Philippe de Carteret
        • 4 Amias de Carteret ( -1664) Seigneur of Trinity m Marie Girard ( -1681) d of Jean
          • 5 Amias de Carteret (1638-1664) Seigneur of Trinity
          • 5 Marie de Carteret (1641-1681) m Charles de Carteret (1646-1685) Attorney-General
          • 5 Anne de Carteret (1642- ) m Abraham de Carteret
            • 6 Eduard de Carteret
            • 6 Elizabeth de Carteret
            • 6 Anne de Carteret
        • 4 Josue de Carteret, Seigneur of St John m Jeanne Le Febvre, d of Jean, Seigneur of St John
        • 4 Marguerite de Carteret (1626- )m Jean La Cloche [Jurat]
        • 4 Catherine de Carteret m Rev Daniel Gruchy, Rector of St Peter
        • 4 Alice de Carteret m (1636) Jean Pipon, Lieut-Bailiff
      • 3 Elizabeth de Carteret (1579-1672) m Thomas Andros (1571-1637, of Guernsey
      • 3 Sarah de Carteret (1587-1625) m Jean Albert, Prince of Greece
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