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Historic Jersey buildings

Vale Farm, St Peter



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Property name

Vale Farm

Other names

  • Vale Farm Cottage
  • Vale Lodge


Mont Fallu, St Peter

Type of property

19th century farm, with 18th century and earlier origins


Sold for £480,000 in 2006 and then £1,052,000 later that year, after which the property was partly divided into two flats. This ended the de Carteret family association with the property

Families associated with the property

George William de Carteret

In 1941 George and his wife Mary Louise, nee Franklin (1910- ) were living here.


  • ISM ♥ FLF 1714 - For Jean Simon and Françoise Le Feuvre [1]
  • PBS ♥ ILC 1729 - For Philippe Bisson and Jeanne Le Cras
  • GJDC 1855 - For George John de Carteret, marking the building of the present house

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Mid-19th century farm group. The farmhouse retains its proportions, historic character and many original features. The outbuildings retain some fine stonework and historic character. The buildings create a cohesive group.

Old Jersey Houses

The entry in Vol Two explains how the datestones predate the construction of the 1855 house:

"The property belonged to a de Carteret, descended through Bailiff Helier de Carteret, from 1730. On 20 December that year Jean de Carteret of St John and his wife Susanne Nicolle bought a house and land on the Fief du Roi in St Peter from Jean Simon, son of Philippe. Simon had purchased it from Nicolas Bisson and Elie Falle, and de Carteret had to promise dower apartments for the mother, Elizabeth Romeril.
"Simon retained the life use, for himself and his wife, of the east end of the house, without responsibility for the upkeep of the roof, as well as ground to the south of the house and its crops and fruit.
"Comparisons with the 1795 map shows that the road used to go behind the small Simon house, whereas traffic now passes its front windows. It seems likely that the present Vale Farm, which was built in 1855, stands where Bisson's house was, and there is in an outbuilding a reversed window lintel inscribed PBS ILC 1729. The 1714 Simon stone over the front door is an early date for the heart motif. [2]
"In 1832 George de Carteret, son of Jean, bought a house with farm buildings and land from Nicolas Bisson, son of Nicolas. Jeanne Tourgis, widow of Nicolas snr, had the usufruct of the rooms she occupied at the time and Jeanne Fleury, wife of Nicolas jnr, renounced her dower rights. The de Carterets continued to live in the smaller house for some time."

Le Sueur collection

A large number of photographs of Vale Farm and the de Carteret family living there in the 1950s and '60s forms part of the Kenneth and Kathleen Le Sueur collection, which is now held by Jersey Archive. Kathleen Le Sueur was the sister of Eric de Carteret, who owned Vale Farm and lived there with his wife and children Roger and Margaret

Vale Lodge
Kathleen de Carteret on her horse Punch at Vale Farm in 1916
This picture of Vale Farm is believed to date from the 19th century, as does the one at the top left of the page, taken by Ernest Baudoux

Notes and references

  1. Vale Farm Cottage, now Vale Lodge
  2. The author failed to identify Jean Simon's wife
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