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Vibert family page


Lydia Maud Vibert (1897-1972)

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Origin of Surname

The family name is derived from the given name Vibert, the French for Wigbeorht.

A charter of King Stephen in 1136 mentions Benedict, son of Wibert.

Early records

The earliest mention of the surname in official Channel Island records was in Guernsey in 1274. In the rent roll of that year for the area known as Vale in Guernsey there is mention of a Robert Wiberd.

On 23 November 1292 Pierre Vibert appears as a juror for the parish of St Brelade in the Rolls of the Court Assizes held by Robert de Leysset and the Prior Wenlock, Justices itinerant.

In 1338 another Pierre Vibert was recorded as having been an archer who defended Mont Orgueil Castle against the seige of the French Admiral Nicholas Behuchet (1338-1345).

Payne's Armorial of Jersey

The family of Vibert, Wibert, or Wiberd, is said to be of Tyrolese extraction; and a family settled at the present day in Geneva, named Wiberd, bears the same arms as the Jersey family of Vibert. The insular branch must, however, have been settled in the island from a very remote period, for so early as 1292, Peter Vibert, of the parish of St Brelade, is recorded as member of a jury serving under Robert de Lysset and the Prior of Wenlock, the Justices-Itinerant of the King of England. Most Vibert descendants today can trace their lineage back either to John Vibert (1470) or Philippe Vibert (1490).

Philip-Dumaresq Vibert, who represents the eldest branch of the family, has a contingent claim to the Seigneurie of St Ouen; and John-Este Vibert the representative of the junior branch co-represents, besides, those families whose arms are figured in his plate, branches of the houses of De Carteret, Dumaresq, Larbalestier, Payn, Bagot, Crafford, and Le Bastard.


As borne by John-Este Vibert): Argent, a fesse, azure, between three eagles, displayed, sable. Quartering : Barry, azure and or, over all, an anchor, erect, counterchanged, for Le Bosquet

Argent, three lozenges, gules, for Arthur

Per fesse, argent and or ; in chief, a dexter hand, clenched, ppr., cuffed of the second ; in base, a mullet of the first, for Poingdestre

Argent, three owls, sable, for Le Couteur

Crest : An eagle, displayed, per pale, or and sable.


  • Vibert, 1299
  • Vybert
  • Wibert
  • Wiberd

Family records


Jersey family trees

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Family photographs

Emilie Vibert, nee Hacquoil. Emilie, was the daughter of Francois, of St Mary. She married Francois Vibert, son of Pierre

These are two versions of the same photograph, the one on the left sent to us in 2016, identifying the subject as Florence Vibert, of The Grange, St Mary, in 1861 ... the second, which we received in 2018, identified her as Florence Ann, daughter of Thomas and Ann Deslandes and born in 1854. She was said to be about ten, but dressed to look older, as was the fashion for portrait photographs of children in the mid-19th century. However, this Florence and her family were living at 9 St Saviour's Road in 1861 and 1871, and further research has revealed that she is not the girl in the photograph. She was Florence Edith Vibert (1847-1938) the daughter of John Este Vibert and Ann Matilda, nee Touzel, of Le Grange, St Mary. She would have been 14 when the photograph was taken, a little older than the estimate given accompanying the second copy.

Florence was one of five daughters of John Este Vibert and Ann Matilda. John was born in Alderney, the son of another John, an Army chaplain there, and son of Philip Vibert. He was named Este for his godfather Augustus Este, an officer, and the illegitimate son of Augustus, son of King George III. John Este had a son also named John Este who became a teacher, and married Fanny Dix. Together they were tutors to a Russian, Prince Bariatinsky, in about 1861, travelling on 'grand tour'. They returned to Jersey where John Este Vibert jnr ran a school at La Tour, St Aubin, where he died in 1886, aged 49. His widow ran a school in Clarence Terrace, St Helier, taking in boarders. Her sisters-in-law also ran a school in Midvale Road. John and Fanny's son, also John Este Vibert, died in 1917 following a career as an engineer in the Royal Navy.

Family gravestones

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