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World War Two Roll of Honour - L


Historian Ian Ronayne has produced this listing of Jersey men and women, residents and those with strong connections to the island who lost their lives in conflict in the Second World War. It enlarges on the official Roll of Honour produced by a States Committee in 1982, including a significant number of new names.

Principles for inclusion and sources

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Index to Roll of Honour - L

Name Rank Unit Date of death Status
Labern, Stephen Francis [1] Sergeant 13 Squadron 13 July 1944 No connection
Laffoley, John Gifford Laurence [2] Flight Lieutenant 10 Squadron 4 March 1945 Confirmed
Lagier, Charles [3] Civilian 20 January 1944 Contender
Laignel, Frederick Joe [4] Guardsman Coldstream Guards 28 May 1940 Confirmed
Lakeman, Anaise Marie, nee Feuillet [5] Civilian 27 December 1940 Confirmed
L'Amy, Henry Vernon [6] Squadron Leader 28 August 1944 Confirmed
Langford, Walter Thomas [7] Driver Royal Army Service Corps 2 April 1943 Confirmed
Langford, Thomas [8] Private Australian Infantry 22 November 1943 Confirmed
Langford, Samuel Frank George [9] Corporal Royal Army Ordnance Corps 24 January 1943 Confirmed
Langlois, Jack Vincent [10] Gunner Royal Artillery 10 July 1943 Confirmed
Larbalestier, Bernard [11] Civilian 28 November 1944 Confirmed
Larbalestier, John Henry [12] Civilian 28 November 1944 Confirmed
Laurens, George Herbert Francis [13] Captain East Yorkshire Regiment 27 February 1945 Confirmed
Laurie-Dickson, John Forbes [14] Pilot Officer 10 Squadron 6 September 1941 Confirmed
Lauzanne, Francis James [15] Lance Corporal New Zealand Infantry 2 June 1941 Confirmed
Law, Alfred James [16] Civilian 28 February 1944 Confirmed
Lawson, David [17] Warrant Officer Class II Royal Artillery 19 September 1944 Confirmed
Le Ber, William [18] Guardsman Irish Guards 28 September 1944 Confirmed
Le Boutillier, John Reginald [19] Petty Officer HMS Ceres 30 April 1942 Contender
Le Boutillier, Stanley Joseph Dolbel [20] Civilian 11 September 1940 Confirmed
Le Breton, Frank [21] Captain Royal Artillery 18 April 1945 Confirmed
Le Breuilly, Arthur Eugene [22] Pilot Officer 87 Squadron 14 May 1940 Confirmed
Le Breuilly, Alfred Gustave [23] Driver Royal Engineers 11 August 1944 Confirmed
Le Brocq, Susan Isobel [24] Civilian 1 December 1940 Confirmed
Le Brocq, Peter [25] Flight Lieutenant 144 Squadron 21 July 1944 Confirmed
Le Calvez, Joseph Albert [26] Matelot Cuisinier French Destroyer Chacal 24 May 1940 Confirmed
Le Clercq, Patrick Owen [27] Contender
Le Clercq, Henry Walter Thomas [28] Private Hampshire Regiment 14 July 1941 Confirmed
Le Clercq, George Philip [29] Corporal Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 27 June 1944 Confirmed
Le Clercq, Charles Phillips [30] Private Royal Army Service Corps 13 October 1944 Confirmed
Le Cocq, Helier George [31] Captain East Lancashire Regiment 10 February 1945 Confirmed
Le Cras, Harold [32] Driver Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers 30 September 1944 Confirmed
Le Feuvre, Jean Baptiste [33] 4e section d'infirmiers militaires (4e SIM) 19 September 1939 Confirmed
Le Gallais, Albert George L'Estrange [34] Civilian 30 September 1940 Confirmed
Le Geyt, Kenneth Charles [35] Sergeant Hampshire Regiment 25 July 1943 Confirmed
Le Goupillot, Henry James [36] Civilian 1 June 1945 Contender
Le Gresley, Ernest [37] Civilian 1 December 1942 Contender
Le Guen, Toussaint Francois [38] Quartier-maître fourrier L'aviso "Vauquois" 18 June 1940 Confirmed
Le Maistre, P W H [39] Acting Flight Lieutenant Contender
Le Maitre, Peter Louis [40] Private Army Catering Corps 21 September 1945 Confirmed
Le Marchand, George William [41] Private The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment) 23 March1943 Confirmed
Le Marchand, Douglas Vivier [42] Civilian 10 October 1944 Confirmed
Le Masurier, Douglas John [43] Corporal Air Search Rescue 23 January 1943 Confirmed
Le Mesurier, Eric Clive [44] Wing Commander Royal Air Force 23 December 1943 Confirmed
Le Mesurier, John Laurens [45] Lieutenant HMS Sultan 5 May 1946 Contender
Le Mineur, Francis Henry [46] Private East Yorkshire Regiment 19 July 1944 Connection doubted
Le Moignan, Charles Edward Francis [47] Private Hampshire Regiment 4 September 1944 Connection doubted
Le Page, Rex Lake [48] Sergeant 44 Squadron 1 May 1943 Confirmed
Le Piez, Wilfred Thomas [49] Driver Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers 24 June 1944 Confirmed
Le Poidevin, Alfred John [50] Sergeant 13 Squadron 25 July 1941 Confirmed
Le Poidevin, Diana Valerie [51] Civilian 27 December 1940 Confirmed
Le Poidevin, Edwin Ernest [52] Civilian 27 December 1940 Confirmed
Le Rue, Cyril John [53] Lieutenant Royal Artillery 24 October 1944 Confirmed
Le Saux, George [54] Private Army Catering Corps 18 March 1946 Confirmed
Le Seelleur, John Clive [55] First Radio Officer ss Zurichmoor 24 May 1942 Confirmed
Le Sueur, John Henry Rondel [56] Lieut- Colonel Royal Engineers 31 May 1940 Confirmed
Le Sueur, Clarence George [57] Private Royal Army Service Corps 8 September 1943 Confirmed
Le Villio, Francois Rene Julien [58] Civilian 26 September 1946 Confirmed
Leese, Ronald George [59] Captain Royal Engineers 25 February 1943 Confirmed
Lefebvre, Mervyn Robin [60] Second Lieutenant South African Air Force 8 August 1942 Confirmed
Legendre, Roger Charles [61] Centre instruction de la 53e Division 3 October 1940 Confirmed
Lemarquand, Richard William [62] Forces Françaises de l'Intérieur 24 September 1944 Confirmed
Lempriere, Frederick John [63] Able Seaman HMS Dorsetshire 5 April 1942 Confirmed
Lempriere, Raymond Percival [64] Able Seaman HMS Wren 27 July 1940 Confirmed
Lennox-Thompson, James [65] Civilian 20 October 1944 Confirmed
Lethbridge, Maurice Christopher Frank [66] Sailor ss Starling 12 October 1940 No connection
Livesey, Frederick Cardwell [67] Lieutenant Durham Light Infantry 2 August 1944 Confirmed
Loyer, Maurice Joseph [68] Sapper Royal Engineers 4 July 1946 Confirmed
Luciennes, Roy Elie Jean [69] Civilian 12 November 1944 Confirmed
Luxton, William George [70] Driver Royal Army Service Corps 24 April 1941 Confirmed
Lynch-Blosse, Patrick Windsor [71] Wing Commander 44 Squadron 9 May 1942 Confirmed
Le Moulec, Yves Occupation Workforce
Litakow, Gregori Occupation Workforce
Logenskij, Dimitri Occupation Workforce
Luch-Planes, Ramon Occupation Workforce
Lukin, Jevdokin Occupation Workforce

Notes and references

Please note that some entries, for persons who have not been clearly identified and for whom no local connection has been established, have been omitted, but will be added to the list if more information becomes available. This includes some names which are included in the official 1982 Roll of Honour, with no supporting information

  1. Wireless operator on Lancaster bomber which was shot down by 'friendly fire' returning from a raid over Germany. No Jersey connection established. Born in Leon, Nicaragua, in 2022. Father William from London; mother Frances from Hastings
  2. Only son of Laurence Herbert and Mildred Jean Laffoley, of Montreal, Canada. Died when his Halifax bomber was shot down by enemy intruder aircraft over Yorkshire while returning from his 33rd raid. Tenuous connection to Jersey. His grandfather Giffard Laurens Laffoley was born in the island in 1864 and emigrated to Canada by the age of 16
  3. Born in Jersey in 1907. No further information available. Circumstances of death not known
  4. The eldest son of Alfred John and Louisa Bryant, nee Jouny, of 76 New St John's Road, St Helier. Before joining the Coldstream Guards in 1938 he was employed as a driver for Orviss. Killed in action in northern France, one of 49 casualties buried in Warhem Communal Cemetery
  5. The 62-year-old daughter of Jean Francois Feuillet, widow of Henry George Perrow Lakeman and mother of Mrs Gallienne (nee Lakeman). She evacuated along with three family members before the Occupation, settling in Lambath. Killed at 4 South Island Place in an air raid with two other family members, her son-in-law Edwin Le Poidevin and his daughter Diana.
  6. Born in St Clement in 1909, the son of Henry and Emmeline L'Amy, of Les Arches, Le Hocq, St Clement. Educated at Victoria College, he farmed at home for a while after leaving school and took a short commission in the RAF. Called-up shortly before the outbreak of war, he served in the Shetland Islands, then England before joining Transport Command and being posted to Accra. Died in a plane crash while a passenger in an aircraft flying to Accra and buried in Ben M'Sik European Cemetery in Marocco.
  7. The only son of Walter and Alice Louisa, nee Picot, of Richmond, Surrey, who formerly lived in the island, and married to Dorothy Gladys, nee Sutton, of Richmond. His aunt, Mrs W Moody, lived at 6 Victoria Cottage Homes at the time of his death. He was on the staff of Richmond (Surrey) Post Office when war broke out. He was killed in Libya and buried in Benghazi War Cemetery
  8. The third son of Ester and Samuel Langford, of 5 Gloucester Street, St Helier. Educated at Vauxhall Elementary School, he left Jersey some years before the war. Awarded Military Medal. Killed in action fighting in New Guinea. Brother Samuel (below) also killed.
  9. The second son of Samuel and Ester Langford of Roseville Street and husband of Beryl, of La Chasse, St Helier. Employed by Streamline Taxis before the war and also worked for Orviss. His parents received an initial report to say he had been killed, but then two messages in March apparently contradicting this. Then a further letter from a friend to say that their son had been struck and killed by an army lorry while serving in Baghdad
  10. Born in 1899, the son of John James and Amy Eliza Vincent, nee Le Gallais, of Jersey, and husband of Violet Annie of Chateau Clairvale, St Saviour. A grower, he joined the Army in January 1940 and left with his family in June that year. Died on active service in India and buried in Kirkee War Cemetery
  11. Son of the late Philip and Alma Larbalestier, of 2 Charing Cross, St Helier. Drowned when engine of boat he was escaping in failed and the vessel was driven against St Catherine's Breakwater in bad weather. His body was recovered in St Catherine's Bay. His brother John also drowned, and a third escapee, Peter Noel, was captured.
  12. Youngest son of the late Philip and Alma Larbalestier of 2 Charing Cross, St Helier and husband of Betty, nee Tisson, of 8 Gloucester Terrace, St Helier. Drowned when engine of boat he was escaping in failed and the vessel was driven against St Catherine's Breakwater in bad weather. His body was recovered some weeks later near Vercult Point. His brother Bernard also drowned
  13. Son of George Oscar and Enid Henrietta, nee Francis, of Salthaugh, Samares, St Clement. After studying at Victoria College he joined the forces and was posted to his father's old regiment. He was commanding an anti-tank platoon with 2nd Battalion when killed in action in Germany at the age of 23. He was buried in Reichswald Forest War Cemetery. His parents had a cricket pavilion built at Victoria College in memory of their son
  14. Husband of Pauline Ruth. Attended Victoria College between 1928 and 1933. Killed in action flying in a Whitley bomber that failed to return from a raid on Germany
  15. The son of Frederick Gerald Lauzanne, who was born in St Helier, and Henrietta, who was born in India. His family lived in Canada at the time of their son's death. He had moved to New Zealand in the 1920s. He served under the name 'Lawson' and was reportedly killed in the Battle of Crete's latter stages
  16. Married to Eleanor Elizabeth of 6 D'Auvergne Lane, Roseville Street, St Helier. They were both deported to Biberach in 1943. He had served with the East Surrey Regiment during the Great War. Before the Occupation he wored for Southern Railways as a ticket checker at the harbour. He died at Ulm following an operation
  17. Son of David and Agnes Lawson and husband of Dorothy May Lawson of Jersey. Killed while serving with the 1st Airlanding Light Regiment at Arnhem and buried at Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery
  18. Son of Henry Charles and Delia Le Ber, of St Saviour's Road, St Saviour. Educated at Vauxhall Elementary School, he joined the Army when old enough. Reportedly wounded on 3 August 1944, eight weeks before his death at Arnhem. He is buried in Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery
  19. Known as Jack, he was the son of John and Irene Ellen Mary, nee Clarke, of Janvrin Road, St Helier and grandson of Mrs A H Corbel of Homestead, Aquila Road. Died of malaria in a South African hospital.
  20. Born in St Helier in 1893, the son of Joseph Le Boutillier and Emily Esther, nee Hansford. Husband of Ethel, nee Pirouet Died at the age of 46 at Cunliffe Owen's Aircraft Factory, Southampton. Before the Evacuation he lived at St Ives, Ryburn Avenue, Green Road, Greve d'Azette. His wife remained in Jersey and received notification of his death through the Red Cross. Worked in the motor industry and connected with the Service Tyre and Rubber Company. His hobby was yachting.
  21. Son of Cpl Frank Le Breton, MM, Canadian Field Artillery (killed in action in France, 9 April 1917), and Isobel Le Breton, of Liverpool. Died in the Italian Campaign, aged 34, and buried at Ravenna War Cemetery. He was also attacvhed to 654 Squadron Royal Air Force, and gained the Air Force Cross
  22. Son of Pierre Auguste Eugene and Marie Louise, nee Le Vaillant, of Highfield Vineries. Educated at De La Salle College and one time organist at St Martin's RC Church. He was a popular member of the Green Room Club. Killed when his Hurricane was lost in action while flying over Belgium.
  23. Son of Aimable and Maria Le Breuilly and husband of Ellen Doris, of Bury and formerly Almorah Lodge. Knowas as 'Jack', he was accidently killed while training in Wales.
  24. Daughter of Alfred and Isobel Le Brocq of St Helier. Living at 24 Coventry Road, Polygon, Southampton, she was killed along with 15 others when an enemy bomb struck Coventry Road Shelter.
  25. The third son of Edward and Hazel Maud Le Brocq, of Jersey and then Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton. Attended Victoria College where he gained a reputation as a sportsman. Left the island in June 1940 with his mother, and after working for a short time in an aircraft factory he joined the RAF. After serving in the Mediterranean, he took part in the Normandy Campaign. Killed while attempting a crash landing
  26. Born in Jersey in 1911. The Roll of Honour details supplied to Jerripedia suggest that he was killed when the Chacal was crippled by German aircraft and artillery off Boulogne and beached. However, family sources show him killed at Dunkirk. Both versions give the date as 24 May 1940. His family have a photograph of him in Army uniform, which seems to support the Dunkirk version
  27. The only son of Nellie Le Clercq, nee Condon, from Jersey, whose father was 'Skate' Condon, well known to the older generation in the Island. Great nephew of Mrs Philip Alexander, formerly of the Farmers Inn, St Ouen. No information is available on his war service or other activity, nor of how and when he died. He was known to be in the Territorial Army at the outbreak of war, and had visited the Island only once.
  28. Second son of Mr and Mrs E Le Clercq of 10 The Parade, St Helier. Berofe joining-up he was employed at Thompsons, Sea Braes, St Clement. Known to be suffering from ill health, he died at Wigan after leaving Jersey with the Militia. Discharged from Hampshire Regiment on 6 September 1940
  29. The only son of George Phillip and Eve Norma Le Clercq of 8 Phillips Street, St Helier and husband of Germaine Evelyn, of East Looe, Cornwall. Killed while serving in the Italian Campaign at the age of 27. Buried in Assisi War Cemetery
  30. Eldest son of Charles and Eva Maud Le Clercq of Mon Desire, Bagatelle, St Saviour. A plumber employed by A J Murphy before the war he left the island early in 1940 to join-up. Sent to the Far East, he served in Malaya before being captured in the fall of Singapore. Sent one card in 1942 while being held in a POW camp in Java. Died at sea, aged 26, in uncertain circumstances. News of his death did not reach parents, who had been searching for their son, until several months after the war ended
  31. The only son of George Charles Holmes and Hilda Florence Le Cocq of Winfield, Bagatelle and husband of Helen, nee Dalglesh, of Linstock, Cumberland. Joined Evening Post editorial staff after leaving school and then the Army within one or two months of war beginning. Married in 1941 in Carlisle. Died fighting the Reichswald and buried near Nimegen.
  32. Youngest son of John James Le Cras, of Craston, Greve d'Azette, and the late Louisa Ann Jane, nee Le Vesconte, and brother of Mrs Just of Denby, Langtry Avenue, St Saviour. Joined up on declaration of war. Previously steam roller driver for Parish of St Helier. Present at Dunkirk and fought in North African before his death in Belgium. Buried in Arendonk Communal Cemetery
  33. Born in Jersey on 20 August 1899. Died of illness
  34. The son of Albert and Francis Elizabeth, of La Moye, St Brelade, he was married to Elizabeth (Lily), nee Waters, with three children. He attended Victoria College between 1890 and 1895 and served in the Great Wa,r during which he was captured and made PoW. Subsequently served in the Jersey Militia and was president of the Old Victorians Association. Volunteered for service on the outbreak of the Second World War and appointed town major of Lille. He managed to briefly return to Jersey, before evacuating to England. Killed, aged 60, during a German air raid on Sherborne, Dorest, while at North End Road. His son John was killed at Anzio
  35. Born in 1912, the son of Alfred and Catherine Le Geyt and married in 1939 to Marjorie, nee Jones, who was living in Porth, Glamorgan. He had served in the regular army before the war, including time in India. On return home he worked for the Gas Company. Recalled at the outbreak of war, he and wife evacuated from the island. He was killed in Sicily and buried in Catania War Cemetery
  36. The son of Arthur Henry Le Goupillot, of 21 Vauvert, St Peter Port, Guernsey. Interned in Germany and died at Laufen.
  37. Lived with his sister Albina at Overdale, St Peter. Alerted by the sound of a window being broken during the night, he went outside to find a man dressed in a mackintosh and with rags around his boots, hiding in a old pigsty. The man attacked Mr Le Gresley, who defended himself with a stick. The man ran away, and Mr Le Gresley went after him. Miss Le Gresley later found her brother lying injured with stab wounds - he subsequently died in hospital. Not confirmed, but it is assumed that the attacker was an escaped slaveworker.
  38. Born in St Peter, Jersey on 19 April 1915. Killed when his ship was sunk by a mine off Brest
  39. Reportedly killed in action but not listed by Commonwealth War Graves Commission or RAF casualty sites
  40. The husband of Agnes Victoria Le Maitre of Jersey. Died at the age of 57 and buried in Lambeth Cemetery. No details of circumstances
  41. The son of Charles Henry and Georgina Le Marchand, of 14 Springfeild Place, St Saviour. After education at St Mark's School he was employed at Huelin's where he was reportedly a very popular member of staff. After leaving the island in June 1940 he joined the Army. Killed in action in southern Tunisia at the age of 32
  42. The third son of Mr and Mrs C J Le Marchand of 4 The Avenue, Greve d'Azette, St Clement. Brother of Martyn, David, Charlie and John. Shot and killed by the Germans in Anne Port Bay after the boat he was attempting to escape in was blown ashore after its engine failed
  43. Youngest son of Joshua Philip Le Masurier, of Jambart Farm, St Clement. Educated at Victoria College between 1930 and 1934. He left the island in 1937 to join the RAF, seeing service in Iraq and Eygpt. Served at the age of 23 in a search and rescue craft that was attacked by enemy aircraft while searching for a downed pilot. Buried in Ann's Hill Cemetery, Gosport
  44. Son of Frederick Henry Stuart and Edith Louise, nee Le Brocq, of Weymouth. Killed while flying a Mosquito bomber that developed a fault and crashed near Dyce aerodrome
  45. Son of Charles Francis and Jessie Sophia Le Mesurier, of Gravesend, Kent. Died at 24 in Singapore and buried in Kranji War Cemetery
  46. Son of John Francis Marie and Marcella Le Mineur, of Richmond, Yorkshire. Connection to Jersey not found
  47. Husband of Rosetta Le Moignan, of Enfield, Middlesex. Fought in the Italian Campaign and died at the age of 24. Commemorated on the Cassino Memorial. No connection to Jersey established
  48. Son of the late Clarence George and of Madeleine of Wyanet, Victoria Road, Georgetown, Greve D'Azette. His mother later became Mrs G Short. He was born in Guernsey to an American father and later moved with family to Davenport Iowa, USA. Moved to Jersey after his father's death. Attended the Modern School while in Jersey and joined RAF in 1939, entering flying school at Alton, Hampshire. Received a commission shortly before death over Holland while flying in a Lancaster bomber
  49. Possibly killed when a V1 rocket struck a workshop camp in Kent. The men inside were waiting to embark for Normandy. Nephew of Mr and Mrs Basset of l'Arbri, Beaumont. Age 26 and educated at St Brelade's Elementary School and then worked for Reis, Bakers. Joined the Army in 1939
  50. The son of John and Alice May Le Poidevin, nee Baskett, of Fair View, Mont Au Pretre. Educated at the States Intermediate School before employment as a wireman at the States Telephone Department. He left the island with his parents in June 1940, later joining the RAF. Killed in action when his Wellington Bomber failed to return from a bombing raid on Emden
  51. Daughter of Edwin and Winnie (presumed) Le Poidevin. Nicknamed 'Pinny', she evacuated to England along with other family members before the Occupation and lived in south London. Died at 4 South Island Place in a German air raid that also killed her father and grandmother.
  52. Married to Winnie (presumed) and son in law of Analise Lakeman. Evacuated from Jersey before Occupation, he died at 4 South Sea Island Place in an air raid along with two other family members - his daughter Diana and mother-in-law. His father lived in Guernsey
  53. Second son of Mr and Mrs W C Le Rue of, Langley Avenue, St Saviour. He won a St Mannelier and St Anastase scholarship to Victoria College from St Mark's Elementary School. Later entered Oxford University and joined Royal Artillery in 1940. Killed in action near Turnhout in Belgium
  54. The youngest son of John Peter and Mary Margaret Le Saux of 2 Les Nicolettes, Mont Millais, St Helier. Formerly served with Hampshire Regiment. He died in Jersey at the age of 30, presumably from injuries received on active service during the war. No further details are available.
  55. Son of Clarence George and Eunice Jane, nee Hubert, of Grosvenor Street, St Helier; husband of Hazil Mary, of St Helier. Studied at the British School of Telegraphy, London. Volunteered on outbreak of war and known to have been serving in the Germanic of the White Star Line. All 45 crew of the merchant steamer Zurichmoor were killed when it was sunk by two torpedoes from submarine U-432, while attempting to cross the Atlantic unescorted
  56. De Panne Communal Cemetery, Belgium, resting place of John Henry Rondel Le Sueur
    Born in Dorset in 1898, the son of Walter Rondel Le Sueur, formerly of Jersey, and Margaret Elizabeth, nee Monk, of Bath; and husband of Angela Mary, nee Hatt-Cook, of Castle Cary, Somerset. He served in the Great War as a Lieutenant in the Royal Engineers and re-enlisted on the outbreak of World War Two. He was reportedly killed at the age of 41 at Dunkirk, but it is likely that his death occurred a few kilometres away over the border in Belgium, where he was buried in De Panne Communal Cemetery. He is not commemorated on the Dunkirk Memorial
  57. The eldest son of Clarence George and Emily Georgina, nee Le Cocq of Meadow Court, Trinity. Educated at Harleston House School in St Lawrence, he worked for the Jersey Gas Company in a clerical role before the outbreak of war. Also a member of St John Ambulance. He joined-up in 1939 and served in France. Died at the age of 27 of injuries received in Algeria and buried at Annaba District Cemetery
  58. Born in Jersey and working as an apprentice mechanic when Occupation began. Known as Frank, or Frankie, he was arrested for stealing in 1944. He was initially imprisoned in Jersey before being deported to France and then Germany. Liberated from Stalag X-B/Sandbostel Concentration Camp, he returned to the UK in poor health and never recovered, dying of tuberculosis the following year
  59. Son of Henry and Violet, nee Smith, and husband of Pamela May Leese, nee Turner, of Jersey. Son James. Died in Tunisia at the age of 23. No connection to Jersey identified other than wife
  60. The son of Philip Llewellin and Mary, nee Brumage, of Grahamstown, Cape Province, South Africa. Connection to Jersey through his grandfather, the Rev Philip Horton Le Febvre. Died in Heliopolis Military Hospital after a flying accident in Egypt, at the age of 21. Buried in Heliopolis War Cemetery
  61. Born in St Helier on 7 July 1914. Served at the Centre Instruction de la 53e Division and died at Stargard in Germany while (presumably) a prisoner of war
  62. Born in Jersey on 15 January 1906. Killed aged 18 in action in September 1944 at Temple de Bretagne, Brittany
  63. Born in St Helier in 1920, the son of John Edward and Blanche Henrietta, nee Hannaford. Died when his ship was sunk by Japanese aircraft in the Indian Ocean.
  64. Born in London in 1899, the son of Philip Badier Lempriere, of Sark, and Ada Sarah, nee Boxall. Married in Portsmouth in 1926 to Bessie Ada George. Son Raymond born 1928. Connection to Jersey through his grandfather, Philippe Lempriere, born in St John, and grandmother Ann Jane Badier. Served as ordinary seaman in RN in Great War. Re-enlisted at the outbreak of WW2. Served on destroyer HMS Wren, a convoy escort sunk in the North Sea, off Aldeburgh, by aircraft. Commemorated on Portsmouth Memorial
  65. Husband of Florence Lennox-Thompson, of 5 Elizabeth Place, Parade, St Helier. Interned in Bad Wurzach where he died in 1944
  66. Born in Canada, descended from long-standing Devon family. No apparent connection to Jersey
  67. The son of Lees and Anna, nee Bean, and husband of Kathleen Mary, nee Cole, of Ambleside, Fauvic, La Rocque, St Clement. Left Jersey in 1940. Killed in Normandy at the age of 30 and buried in Banneville-La-Campagne War Cemetery. Only connection to Jersey through his wife. They married in 1935 and had a daughter
  68. Born in Jersey but moved to Guernsey at a young age. Drowned in River Rhine while serving with army of occupation.
  69. The son of Ellie Marie Francice Luciennes of Houguemont, Faldouet, St Martin. Drowned while trying to escape the island along with Ronald and Madelaine Bisson and Andre Gorvel. They reportedly left from Gorey Harbour but after their boat's engine failed were driven towards the north coast and on to rocks below La Saline Quarry in St John. Eyewitnesses onshore observed them attempting to start the engine in the apparently waterlogged boat before being lost at around 10.45 in the morning. He was an electrican and last seen alive by his sister in the company of Andre Gorvel, who claimed they were going to an all-night party. His body was found in Giffard Bay some weeks later
  70. The son of Thomas Arthur and Sarah Anne Luxton, of 25 Old St John's Road, St Helier, and brother of Mr C A Luxton of 19 Dumarsq Street, St Helier. Know as 'Fluffin', he worked at the Harbour during the potato season before the war. Reported missing in April, it was only later that his fate became known to family. He died in the Mediterranean at the age of 36 and is commemorated on the Athens Memorial
  71. Son of Edward Falconer and Edith Caroline Lynch-Blosse and married to Edna. He attended Victoria College between 1914 and 1916, later serving in the RNAS during the First World War. Between the wars he was involved in aviation, flying in Australia among other locations. Joined RAF at start of war and posted to bombing operations. Killed in action while leading a squadron of Handley Page Halifaxes on a raid over Germany. No apparent connection to Jersey other than his two years at Victoria College
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