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World War Two Roll of Honour - R


Historian Ian Ronayne has produced this listing of Jersey men and women, residents and those with strong connections to the island who lost their lives in conflict in the Second World War. It enlarges on the official Roll of Honour produced by a States Committee in 1982, including a significant number of new names.

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Index to Roll of Honour - R

Name Rank Unit Date of death Status
Rabet, Simone Yolande [1] Wren HMS St Angelo 21 October 1947 Confirmed
Rabet, John Raymond [2] Captain Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 9 April 1945 Confirmed
Rae, Robert Keith [3] Ordinary Telegraphist HMS Egret 27 August 1943 Contender
Raffray, John Francis [4] Chief Engineer Officer ss Polzella 13 January 1940 Confirmed
Raleigh-King, Pamela [5] Civilian Contender
Rault, Kenneth Clarence [6] Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 28 May 1940 Confirmed
Read, John Thomas [7] Leading Aircraftman 20 August 1946 Confirmed
Rebindaine, John Phillip [8] Stoker 1st Class HMS Jersey 7 December 1939 Confirmed
Reeves, James Cyril [9] Gunner Royal Artillery 6 August 1944 Contender
Renouf, John [10] Petty Officer HMS Penelope 18 February 1944 Confirmed
Renouf, Alfred John [11] Sapper Royal Engineers 5 November 1944 Confirmed
Reynel, Alfred George [12] Corporal Dorsetshire Regiment 25 February 1945 Confirmed
Richards, Claude William [13] Stoker 1st Class HMS Berwick 30 December 1940 Confirmed
Richards, Leslie George Noel [14] Driver Royal Army Service Corps 2 March 1944 Connection uncertain
Richomme, Eric Philip [15] Sergeant 16 Squadron 28 June 1944 Confirmed
Ricou, Albert Kenneth [16] Ordinary Seaman HMS Aldenham 14 December 1944 Confirmed
Rive, Cyril Robert [17] Corporal Royal Tank Regiment 16 April 1941 Connection not confirmed
Roberts, John James [18] Private Hampshire Regiment 1 October 1944 Confirmed
Roberts, Harold John [19] Private Royal Hampshire Regiment 13 December 1946 Confirmed
Robin, Michael Guy]] [20] Flight Lieutenant 75 Squadron 16 June 1942 Confirmed
Rogers, Douglas Henry James [21] Sergeant Hampshire Regiment 3 November 1942 Connection doubtful
Rossi, Marcel Fortune [22] Civilian 7 April 1945 Confirmed
Rowland, Dennis Henry [23] Sergeant Royal Tank Regiment 7 April 1943 Confirmed
Rowntree, Nelson [24] Private Royal Army Ordnance Corps 26 April 1941 Connection doubtful
Ratcliffe, Horace Lance Corporal Royal Army Ordnance Corps 23 November 1945
Reynolds, Mervyn Able Seaman HMS Charybdis 23 October 1943
Riley, John Bernard Able Seaman HMS Charybdis 23 October 1943
Rosada Dolama, Jose Occupation Workforce
Ruiz Campos, Ramon Occupation Workforce

Notes and references

Please note that some entries, for persons who have not been clearly identified and for whom no local connection has been established, have been omitted, but will be added to the list if more information becomes available. This includes some names which are included in the official 1982 Roll of Honour, with no supporting information

  1. Daughter of Francis Ernest and Laurentine Albertine Rabet of La Cavalerie, Mont Cochon, St Helier. Accidently killed in Malta while serving with the Women's Royal Naval Service
  2. The only son of Jean Baptiste (killed in the Great War) and Jeanne Marie Rabet of Cortina, Pontac, St Clement. Educated at the States Intermediate School and De La Salle before attending college in the UK. Returned to join the teaching staff of New Street School, St Helier. Reportedly killed in a mine explosion while leading his men across a river during the drive on Bremen
  3. HMS Egret, the first Royal Navy ship to be sunk by a guided missile
    Son of Robert and Joyce Nancy Rae of St Peter. Died, aged 20, when Egret was sunk by a guided missile off the coast of NW Spain. She was the first Royal Navy vessel to be sunk by a missile
  4. Son of Durrel and Jane Mary, nee Le Breton, of Grouville, and married to Linda, nee Klagemann, of Cathays, Glamorgan. He was formerly married to Winifred Ellen Allport, who died in 1928. Killed when his vessel was torpedoed and sunk by submarine U-25. There were no survivors.
  5. Daughter of Mrs Raleigh-King, of Le Coin, La Haule Hill. Educated at Jersey College for Girls, after leaving school she joined the staff at the General Hospital as a nurse-probationer. Left the island with her family on outbreak of war, it is believed she was engaged in nursing work in the UK. Possibly died of natural causes and not a war casualty
  6. The son of Julius and Violet Alice Rault, of 4 Lewis Street, St Helier. Died at the age of 20 in the retreat to Dunkirk. Commemorated on the Dunkirk Memorial
  7. The son of Thomas and Louisa Jane, of 28 St Clement's Road, St Helier. Financee of Miss Seawell. Worked for Orviss and grower J P Le Masurier before joining the RAF in 1940. Died of injuries following an accident on 20 August in Germany. Despite efforts, it was not possible to return his body to the island for burial.
  8. The son of Peter and Jane Rebindaine, and brother of Mrs Paul of St John's Post Office. The son of Peter and Jane Rebindaine of and brother of Mrs Paul of St John's Post Office. He had been in navy for 20 years when killed by torpedoing of HMS Jersey.
  9. The son of James George and Lily May Reeves and husband of Blanche Mary Reeves of St Helier, Jersey. Died fighting in Normandy at the age of 24. Buried in Ranville War Cemetery
  10. Only son of John Edmund and Constance, nee Sewell, of Jersey. Died aged 24 when the light cruiser Penelope was sunk by submarine U-410 after leaving Naples. Believed to be the only Royal Navy vessel sunk by a torpedo when making 26 knots
  11. Second son of Alfred John and Marie Louise, nee Gerauld (also known as Botrel) and married at Gravesend, Kent, in 1937, to Belinda Maud, nee Blake. They had three children. When he was only three his father was killed in the First World War. His mother remarried Henry Francis Rowe. Educated at St Brelade Elementary School and afterwards worked for Mr J Fiott of St Brelade. Died aged 28 in the Italian Campaign. Commemorated on the Cassino Memorial
  12. The youngest son of Desire and Marie Louise Reynel, of Beau Vallon, St Saviour and husband of Mavis, nee Short, of Portland, Dorsetshire. Attended St Saviour's Elementary School and worked for George Wakeham of La Chasse. Enlisted before the war and present at the Dunkirk evacuation. Died on active servive in Burma when a trench collapsed on him
  13. Eldest son of Ernest Albert and Dorothy Beatrice Richard of Shaggheen, Fauvic Common, St Clement. Before joining the Royal Navy in June 1939 he was employed by Mr E Malzard of Les Tours Farm, St Clement. Died of cardiac failure
  14. Jersey connection not positively established. Born in 1913, the son of Henry and Florence Richards, and husband of Susan, of Plymouth, he was on HMS LST-362, a landing ship, when it was sunk by submarine U-744. His parents may have been Henry George Bridle Richards and Florence Louisa, nee Noel, who married in St Saviour in 1892 and had eight children born in Jersey between 1894 and 1909. There is no record of a ninth.
  15. The son of Philip Albert and Gertrude Maud Richomme, of Le Menage, Les Petites Rues, St Lawrence. Educated at De La Salle College, he joined Jersey Airways staff and was evacuated with them in June 1940. He subsequently joined the RAF at the age of 16. Killed when his Lancaster bomber was shot down over France.
  16. Son of Albert and Gertrude Ricou, formerly of Greve d'Azette, and then Wolverhampton, Staffordshire. Educated at New Street Elementary School and later worked as a painter. He left the island in 1940 and joined the Royal Navy, in which his father also served. He died at the age of 19 when Aldenham became the last escort destroyer to be sunk during the war, after hitting a mine. Out of a complement of 189, only 67 durvived. The ship had taken part in 46 convoys from 1942 to August 1944
  17. Killed in North Africa. Jersey connections yet to be established
  18. Son of John James and Jeanne, nee Butel, of Le Canal, St Ouen. Died at the age of 25 during the Italian Campaign. Buried in Coriano Ridge War Cemetery
  19. Son of Robert Bryant and Violet Mabel Roberts of St Helier and husband of Ruby Violet, nee Fallaize, of 23 Pier Road, St Helier. Died while serving in Austria.
  20. Younger son of Guy Robin, of Petit Menage. Educated at Connaught House, Weighbridge and Radly College. He entered the RAF in 1937 with a short service commission. Reported missing in August 1942 in Middle East, believed killed in action.
  21. The son of Charles and Harriot Rogers, of Shillingstone and husband of Phyllis May Rogers of Bolton, Lancashire. Died of wounds at the Devon Infirmary. Connection to Jersey not established. Died in England in 1942 at the age of 34
  22. The son of Jean Marie Rossi of St Helier. They were both deported from Jersey to an internment camp in southern Germany for refusing to work for the Germans. Marcel was later transferred to a punishment camp. Circumstances of death not known
  23. The son of Alfred and Margaret Rowland, of St Helier, and married to Dora, of High Heaton, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Attended Victoria College, he gained a Bishop Morley scholarship to Pembroke College, Oxford. Awarded Military Medal. Died at the age of 31 in North Africa. Commemorated on the Medjez-el-Bab Memorial in Tunisia
  24. The son of William Robert and Elizabeth Rowntree and husband of Edith, of St Helier. Connection to Jersey may only be through his wife, but there is no record of an Elizabeth Rowntree present in the Island during the Occupation
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