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Warren was a British astonomer and chemist, most famous for his pioneering work in Astronomical photography. In 1854 he turned his attention to solar physics. He was especially noted as a pioneer in celestial photography. He adapted the wet plate process to lunar photography and invented (1858) for Kew observatory, a photoheliograph, a device to give good solar pictures. His photographs of a solar eclipse in 1860 demonstrated that prominences observed at the sun's edge are of solar origin. He is also known for his research in chemistry, solar physics and electrical discharge through gases. His inventions include an envelope folding machine (1851) and the silver chloride battery. In 1840 Warren enclosed a platinum coil in a vacuum tube and passed an electic current through it thus creating the world's first electric light bulb. In 1860 Warren took the photohellograph to Spain for the purpose of photographing the total solar eclipse which occured on 18 July of that year. In 1873 Warren De La Rue gave up active work in astronomy and presented most of his astronomical instruments to the University Observatory, Oxford.

He was awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1862 and awarded the Royal Medal from the Royal Society in 1864. Awarded (Hon) M.A. and (Hon) D.C.L.from Oxford. Also awarded a DPhil from Oxford in 1870. Awarded DPhil in 1880 from Giessen University

The following foreign orders were conferred up him: Commander of the Legion of Honour, Commander of the Order of St. Maurice and St Lazare, and Knight of the Order of the Rose, Brazil.

Corresponding member of: French Académie of Sciences for the Department of Astronomy, Imperial Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, The Philomathic Society of Paris, Royal Society of Upsala, The Society of Agriculture and Commerce, Caen, The Society of Natural Sciences, Cherbourg, and the Berlin Chemical Society.

The De La Rue crater on the Moon is named after him.

Warren (18.1.1815 - 19.4.1889) married a Guernsey lass Georgiana Bowles (b Abt 1820 - 25.5.1918) on the 17.2.1840 at St Lukes, London. They had Alice Georgiana (b) Abt 1845, Warren William (b)27.2.1847, Thomas Andros (b 26.5.1849, Ernest (b 1852), and Herbert (b27.4.1855). Warren died on 19 April, 1889 at 73 Portland Place, London from Pneumonia

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