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Bathing machines lined up on either side of the slipway

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Smartly dressed for a beach outing
The beach in 1909
A large fete at West Park. Based on the cars shown, the photograph appears to have been taken in the late 1930s but, although decorated carriages in the foreground suggest an association with the Battle of Flowers, this cannot be correct if the date is correct, because the event was only held here until the outbreak of the Great War and revived at Springfield Stadium from 1928 until the German Occupation. Perhaps the date could be 1951, when the Battle was revived and returned to Victoria Avenue
The beach in 1914
An aerial view of West Park in the 1950 showing the road layout after the war, before Victoria Avenue was made a dual carriageway. It is noteworthy that there is no cafe next to the slipway, but a few vans were parked there selling drinks, icecreams and newspapers
You can't believe everything printed on a postcard. Just to prove it, here is a fine view of the Victoria Marine Lake at West Park, wrongly captioned First Tower. And it is in St Aubin's Bay, not St Helier's Bay
A crowded beach
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