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This page lists all new pages added to the site since 1 January 2017, and from time to time also contains important messages about changes to site pages.

Links to content added to the site in earlier years can be found on our 'What was new?' page, which retains the complete sequence of additions to the site back to July 2010.

You should also visit our 'What’s coming?' page from time to time to discover the additions which are planned for the site over the coming weeks and month.

  • What was new – a link to a list of articles added to the site from August 2010 to the end of 2016
  • What’s coming? – a foretaste of new articles and family records coming soon

1 January 2018

New family pages

  • Picture of the week, a very old photograph of St Helier Harbour which is proving difficult to date accurately

5 January

6 January

7 January

16 January

  • Researching census records - we can't provide census records (not yet), but here is a set of articles on what they contain, how they can be very useful for family researchers, the errors they may contain, and indexes to the St Helier districts and the streets they cover

17 January

18 January

New family pages

20 January

21 January

New family pages

22 January

23 January

New family pages

24 January

Today we are pleased to announce the addition of a major new batch of family records to the site. They are St Helier birth registrations from 1842 to 1926, amounting to over 60,000 new records.

These registrations cover 84 years from the establishment of the Office of the Superintendent Registrar and the appointment of registrars of births, marriages and deaths in each of the 12 parishes in 1842.

Our searchable database and our A-Z Jerripedia indexes have contained the birth records of the other 11 parishes since January 2015, but we could not, at the time, justify the workload of digitising the St Helier records, which were largely duplicated by baptism records for the period from 1842 to 1909. In 2015 the baptism records available for the other parishes only covered the years up to 1842.

Because the St Helier baptism records only cover Anglican churches, we have now decided to add the birth registrations, but regrettably we do not have the resources at this time to add them individually to the database and our A-Z indexes.

What we have done is to present the scans of the Superintendent Registrar's indexes to the birth records which we made in 2014 in a chronological index. These indexes only contain the name of the child, a date range for the volume in which they appear and a page number. But even this limited information is invaluable if you want to order a birth certificate from the Superintendent Registrar, and with the St Helier volumes covering periods as short as 14 months, it is possible to locate the birth of a child who was not baptised in an Anglican church.

The page images are indexed in pairs of registration volumes to a Jerripedia page. At the same time we have brought our indexes of digitised baptism records for the other 11 parishes back into our main parish indexes, together with page views of death register indexes.

A further step in this process has been the addition of indexes of marriages in non-Anglican churches in all parishes but Trinity, which does not appear to have any, and the Registry Office in St Helier.

We now have approaching 600,000 family records in our Jerripedia Family records section, and there are many more to come this year.

25 January

29 January

  • Ploeuc-sur-Lie an updated and enlarged list of over 200 immigrants to Jersey from this small Brittany town
  • Picture of the week, a photograph of people on the beach at Havre des Pas in the summer after the Occupation - or was it?

30 January

31 January

1 February

Use of Jerripedia as a resource for Jersey history and family history hit a new high during January. The daily average number of people accessing the site was 774, with repeat visits bringing the daily number of user sessions to 887. This compares with the average for 2017 of 646 users and 737 sessions. In January last year there were 623 users a day making a total of 723 visits.

The growth in site traffic has been remarkable. In 2013 we were pleased to get 100 daily visitors and in the early days after the site's launch in 2010, between 30 and 50 a day was the norm.

3 February

5 February

6 February

7 February

8 February

9 February

10 February

  • Brewer, completed family page

11 February

13 February

  • Bryant, family page completed

14 February

15 February

17 February

18 February

19 February

20 February

23 February

24 February

25 February

26 February

28 February

1 March

  • Cardy, family page completed
  • Carson, family page completed

3 March

  • Carver: Family page completed

4 March

5 March

  • Crosby: Family page completed
  • David: Family page completed

6 March

  • Druce: Family page completed

7 March

8 March

  • Gordon: Family page completed
  • Gill: Family page completed
  • Hallman: Family page completed

9 March

10 March

11 March

  • Hart: Family page completed

12 March

13 March

  • Lake: Family page completed

14 March

15 March

  • Whitel: Family page completed
  • Webb: Family page completed
  • Wavell: Family pate completed

16 March

  • Lock: Family page completed

17 March

18 March

  • Lee: Family page completed

19 March

  • Long: Family page completed

20 March

  • Watson: Family page completed
  • Wheeler: Family page completed
  • Welch: Family page completed
  • Weeks: Family page completed
  • Webber: Family page completed
  • Way: Family page completed

21 March

22 March

  • Manley: Family page completed
  • Moitie: Family page completed

This completes the addition of all available data to the 80 new family pages added to the site in December 2017. We still have some way to go with updating and adding data sets to earlier pages and the addition of further new family pages is now under consideration. If you have any families with strong Jersey connections which you think should be included, please email us at editcontact@theislandwiki.org with your suggestions. Please use Jerripedia as the subject of your email

25 March

27 March

  • Burial records, a new page bringing together old and new indexes of burial registers

29 March

  • Burial records, update of our index to burial registers and other records which now includes our own gravestone image collection sorted by surname for each cemetery covered, an index to Find A Grave Jersey records and links to our Church of England burial records

30 March

St Matthew's School, a thriving private school in the last decade of the 19th century

31 March

4 April

  • Le Cygne, the story of a paddle steamer which operated between Jersey and Carteret from about 1894 to 1912

5 April

7 April

8 April

9 April

Two substantial linked family trees, bringing together some existing trees and correcting errors

A temporary index covering some missing St John records

10 April

15 April

The site is currently undergoing a much-needed 'spring-clean'. All pages are being reviewed, and amended, where necessary, or noted for further attention when time permits. Part of this process involves the deletion of old material which is not linked to any other pages. This mostly involves pages of baptisms in St Helier and Trinity which were created in 2012 and have now been superseded by the full parish indexes of family records. These old pages are rarely, if ever, visited, and have not been included within the site's menu structure for several years. If anyone has had them bookmarked we apologise for their removal, while referring these site users to the far more comprehensive information now available in the family research section of the site. It is important, in order to maximise the speed of access to the site's pages, to remove some of this 'clutter' from time to time

This work is being undertaken by a small editorial team who are taking a fresh look at the structure and content of the site and making improvements wherever possible. We will continue to add new content when time permits, including our Picture of the week, but the flow of new material to the site will inevitably slow while editor Mike Bisson is taking a much-needed break for the next few weeks

23 April

24 April

26 April

27 April

30 April

2 May

  • Sir Sam Falle, the story of a Jerseyman rescued after a sea battle in the Pacific

3 May

5 May

6 May

10 May

11 May

Four trees linked to an expanded Descendants of Philippe Vibert - 2

13 May

15 May

19 May

20 May

22 May

23 May

25 May

27 May

28 May

29 May

30 May

31 May

Important note

Although these two trees which have been added today overlap existing trees, each contains sufficient new content to justify the creation of new trees. However, although our policy in the past has been to create new trees, even when submitted trees are more or less a mirror copy of existing trees, we have decided to change this approach. We are now more likely to add any information which is new to expand an existing tree. Only when there is a substantial amount of new information will we create a new tree.

Not only will this reduce the workload of our editorial team, but it will help to reduce the number of trees researchers need to study to obtain all the available information for a family lineage. We will not delete any existing trees which overlap, but the policy change will affect all new trees submitted to us.

That does not mean that new trees are any less welcome, and if submitters are anxious that they should be included in full rather than new information being added to existing trees, their wishes will be respected.

1 June

2 June

5 June

7 June

9 June

10 June

11 June

13 June

16 June

18 June

19 June

21 June

  • Julia Mary Marquand, a Jersey girl who was taken to Australia by her mother after the death of her father, and became the third wife of a 'man' who turned out to be a woman.

24 June

25 June

27 June

1 July

2 July

3 July

We have today completed the latest batch of updates to the Jerripedia database based on suggestions submitted by users. Many of these have also involved adjustments to entries in the Family records indexes, and more of these will be updated in due course. Our thanks to everyone who has submitted suggestions for corrections or additional information. The database does not allow all the additional information to be incorporated, but much of what has been submitted has been added to notes. It is encouraging to note that the majority of changes are additions rather than corrections of errors, and most of the latter involve records before 1842, which can now be checked against original registers, which were not available when the records were transcribed six years ago. Please keep notifying us of any mistakes you find in Jerripedia and the database

4 July

5 July

8 July

9 July

A substantial number of our Family pages have been checked, updated, and more records and family photographs added over the last week. It's not possible to list all pages which have been updated, nor the new content added, so check pages for families in your trees. You can click on the History tab on a page to see whether it has been recently edited

14 July

15 July

Further updating of several hundred Family pages with the addition of photographs of the graves in war cemeteries, across the world, of Jerseymen who were casualties of the Great War. Once again, these additions are too numerous to be listed individually

16 July

A major update to Queree family trees: two expanded, plus two new ones

20 July

22 July

23 July

24 July

5 August

31 July

  • Burial records a new menu page bringing together all information about Jersey cemeteries, burial records and an index to our Jersey gravestone image collection, including ...
  • Funeral directors' records 1820-1978 a new index to over 66,000 burial records over more than a century and a half. If your ancestors are not in this collection, they probably did not die in Jersey
We believe that this is likely to be one of the most popular and valuable indexes on the whole site. A single index gives access to all the records of funerals and burials organised by the main Jersey funeral directors from 1820 to 1978.
These records are part of the Jersey Archive collection, but whereas their indexes cover individual sets of records for each undertaker, we have brought all the records together into a single index. So you don't need to know when an ancestor died or which undertaker handled the funeral to locate a record.
The importance of these records is that not only do they cover a much longer period than the church burial records which were given to Ancestry by the Archive – some of those only go up to 1867, and none are later than 1940 – but they cover funerals in churches of all denominations and burials in Anglican and non-Anglican cemeteries.
Not only do these funeral directors' records include people of all denominations over a period of nearly 160 years – there will be few people who died in Jersey during that time who are not included – but they contain much valuable information which cannot be found in any other records, including next of kin, home address of the deceased, who paid for the funeral and the details of what it cost, official positions held by the deceased, and more often than not, the location of the grave, sometimes including a hand-drawn plan of the cemetery.

8 August

9 August

13 August

16 August

17 August

19 August

  • Picture of the week: Newly discovered photographs of the 1921 Royal Visit by King George V and Queen Mary

24 August

  • L'Amy - please note that we have spotted that some references to L'Amy or Lamy in our Family records section were wrongly entered under the heading LAMPAMPAMY. This will sound very strange to most site users, but it is an error which crept into our database - ampamp being computer code for the apostrophe in our database program. We corrected the errors in the database some time ago, and have now corrected some which crept over to our Jerripedia family record indexes and were not spotted. If you have been searching for a L'Amy record and not found it, it may now be there. Check headers for L'Amy and Lamy. The problem also applied to a much smaller number of records for other surnames beginning L' and these have also hopefully all now been corrected.

26 August

30 August

2 September

4 September

5 September

6 September

9 September

13 September

17 September

19 September

20 September

21 September

22 September

24 September

27 September

28 September

30 September

1 October

5 October

6 October

7 October

10 October

We are in the process of updating and adding to the articles in our section on old Jersey houses. We have completed this round of work on properties in Grouville, and St Brelade. We will not be adding here each property whose page is edited or added, but we will add a note as work on each parish section is completed. We are taking the opportunity to add pictures of the houses as they are today for those properties for which they are available. We are also linking as many properties as we can to the family pages and family trees of people who owned them and lived in them.

13 October

La Société Jersiaise has announced the completion of the updating of its library catalogue. It now offers more options for searching for books, periodicals and archives in the library. There are also new records for hundreds of family trees, and the first batch of maps from the Société map collection. Follow this link to search the catalogue. Of course, it is only the catalogue which is available online - the documents and other listed items themselves have not been digitised. But we have discovered some important listings of collections of family documents, which in themselves provide valuable information for family historians on property ownership, family relationships and other details. Here are some examples, and we will be adding more to our family pages in due course:

14 October

17 October

19 October

20 October

21 October

22 October

23 October

  • St Aubin picture gallery, a new page with an enlarged and improved gallery of over 350 pictures of Jersey's second town

24 October

25 October

27 October

28 October

29 October

30 October

  • Family tree index: We have embarked on a major project to check, update and enlarge our collection of family trees - there are currently 3,203 of them. As far as we know Jerripedia is the only family history website of any size which checks its submitted trees against primary records. This is an ongoing process, and every new tree received for some years has been subject to this scrutiny. However, new records have become available since this process started and we have decided to review all our trees over the coming months, working through the index from A to Z. As well as allowing us to correct and expand existing trees, this process has already identified significant numbers of members of various families who were not currently attached to trees on the site, and we have been able to create a number of new trees. Throughout the process, links to new trees will be added to this page as they are created.

2 November

3 November

4 November

11 November

12 November

17 November

18 November

19 November

Picture of the week: A remarkably clear photograph of St Helier taken over 150 years ago, which has finally ended a long debate about a structure at West Park

Four existing family trees which have been reviewed with significant additions of names and details

21 November

A small number of Blampied baptisms in Grouville from 1700 onwards have been discovered wrongly indexed under Bisson because of an error in the original transcripts. These have now been corrected in the Grouville family records index of baptisms

22 November

Suggestions made in recent weeks for changes or additions to our database have now been processed. Changes have not yet been made in the Jerripedia Family records indexes, so it is particularly important at this time to check any records you find with the updated database

24 November

29 November

30 November

1 December

3 December

4 December

6 December

9 December

11 December

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income, and the substantial web-hosting costs of

www.theislandwiki.org have been funded by the Guernsey

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And what's next?

  • What’s coming? – a foretaste of new articles and family records coming soon
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