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This page lists all new pages added to the site since 1 January 2020, and from time to time also contains important messages about changes to site pages. The volume of new material added to the site has not been as great as in recent years, mainly because much of the editorial team's time has been devoted to checking, correcting and updating existing content, particularly the Family pages. Restrictions imposed because of the Covid pandemic have also limited access to sources of new material in Jersey and, even though some of these restrictions have been lifted, our editors are still being encouraged to limit their visits to those libraries and other sources of infomation which are now open.

Links to content added to the site in earlier years can be found on our 'What was new?' page, which retains the complete sequence of additions to the site back to July 2010.

1 January 2020

3 January 2020

15 January

24 January

27 January

Although important additions to the website will still be added here, we recommend that you follow our Facebook Group for announcements about Pictures of the Week, new compilations of news from newspapers of the past, and other updates

15 February

Jerripedia celebrated its tenth birthday with a picture of the decade, selected from the many thousands added over the years

20 February

21 February

27 February

22 March

23 March

1 April

  • Descendants of Edouard Queree - 3: This tree of a family originating in St John has been extended from 46 lines to over 190, with a considerable amount of detail added.

14 April

19 May

12 June

We have started a further review of our family pages, adding burial records to those not yet including them, rechecking linked family trees, updating links to our database of church records, and generally tidying the pages and checking their content. This work has been completed for all family names beginning with A and we are continuing to work our way down the alphabet. Clearly this review will take months to complete and we will not be listing individual families as they are completed, but will include progress reports on this page as time permits.

29 June

  • Bertaut: Our review of family pages and associated trees continues to make progess. A set of seven new trees for the Bertaut family has been added, effectively replacing the trees which have been on the site since 2013

7 July

14 July

  • Du Val: Our review of family pages and their trees has now reached the end of those beginning with D and resulted in a thorough reappraisal of the Duval/Du Val trees, the addition of considerable extra details, and the creation of a new tree showing early generations of the family in St Peter ...
  • Descendants of Philippe Duval

17 July

20 July

30 July

  • Family pages: Our review of family pages and their associated trees has completed names beginning A-K

6 August

9 August

18 August

  • Family pages: Our review of family pages and their associated trees has now reached families beginning with Q ....

22 August

23 August

  • Family pages: Our review of family pages, which has been under way for many weeks, is now complete. All of the 1,236 pages now have direct links to searches in our database for baptisms/births, marriages and burials. In addition there is a link to lists of undertakers' burial records for the majority of families. During this review we have also revised, corrected and extended many of our family trees, now numbering 3,329. Further information will, of course, be added to family pages as it becomes available. We also have a list of family trees, which require attention and were not tackled in this latest review. That work will continue as time permits.

26 August

27 August

Profiles of five St Mary properties

28-30 August

St Martin property profiles

and Trinity

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