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This page lists all new pages added to the site in 2023, and significant changes to existing pages. The page is not being updated in 2024 because of pressures of other priorities.

2 January 2023

and catching up with some additions in the last days of 2022, three new family trees

4 January

  • Beechlands: A profile of a historic property in St Lawrence

5 January

More profiles of historic houses

6 January

Four new family trees for the Dorey families in three parishes

9 January

Profiles of historic properties

New pictures added to these profiles of 'superhomes' on sale for £ millions in 2023

10 January

Historic property profiles

12 January

Historic property profiles

13 January

Historic property profiles

14 January

Historic property profiles

15 January

Historic property profiles

16 January

Historic property profiles

17 January

Historic property profiles

18 January

Historic property profiles

Histories of town properties

19 January

Histories of town properties

These complete the profiles of Queen Street properties

19 January

Histories of town properties

21 January

Histories of town properties

23 January

Histories of town properties

25 January

New histories of town streets

  • Uplands: and a St Helier farm which became a hotel

26 January

29 January

2 February

5 February

  • L'Etacquerel Fort: The history of a north coast defensive structure now run as a holiday let
  • Maple Grove, another new historic house profile

6 February

9 February

And profiles of some of its historic buildings

10 February

12 February

14 February

15 February

More to come...

16 February

17 February

19 February

20 February

21 February

22 February

This completes our set of profiles of historic properties in Beresford Street

24 February

5 March

6 April

11 April

12 April

14 April

15 April

16 April

18 April

19 April

22 April 2023

28 April

  • New baptism and marriage indexes We have added page images of baptism and marriage indexes for all parishes as far as they are available. For many parishes this is up to 2002, and for most others to 1988. Follow this link to our main Family records page and then choose the parish which interests you. New listings are marked as added in 2023

18 May

19 May

5 June

29 July

1 August

7 August

20 August

3 September

16 September

20 September

Two new family trees added by Guy Dixon

16 October

25 October

More histories of Bath Street commercial premises

26 October

27 October

29 October

30 October

1 November

5 November

10 November

26 November

11 December

12 December

18 December


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