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Plans for 2018

Our priority as we entered our ninth year in February 2018 was to build on the information available to family historians. During 2017 we added another 200 family pages and we Have now added a substantial amount of extra detail to these and earlier pages. This includes WW1 service records; WW2 identity card registrations; registration of aliens, born outside the British Isles, introduced in 1920 and covering individuals born up to 1917; funeral directors' burial records; and baptisms at the General Hospital.

Having completed the addition of several new record sets to the Family research section of the site by the middle of the year, we have turned our attention to further updating Family pages and establishing direct links to records for each family in our various new datasets. At the same time we are adding a significant number of old family photographs.

Our dual objectives are to provide researchers with extra information about ancestors, particularly more recent generations; and to identify ancestors who may not feature in our database of over half a million records from Anglican churches.

The database, which has previously concentrated on birth/baptism, marriage and death/burial records, now has a collection of Jersey wills and some burial records, in a fully searchable form, and we intend to add more of our main indexes to the database over the coming months to make searching for records even easier.

Family trees

We continue to receive and are still interested in receiving new trees - email your family tree to editcontact@theislandwiki.org - please use Jerripedia as the subject of your email - for addition to the site. Priority is given to trees received in this way. We are always pleased to receive information which allows us to expand existing trees, and there is a steady flow of emails providing such details.

We are continuing with the painstaking, lengthy and slow process of creating links backwards and forwards between trees where a spouse in one tree can be identified in their own family's tree. Family pages are being upgraded, new trees researched and links created to biographies of family members and profiles of family homes.

Family histories

We have also received several interesting family histories which have been added to the site. It is particularly important to learn what happened to those Jerseymen and their families who emigrated to Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand, and to be able to trace their lives overseas, and information on these lines is always welcome.


We also continue to add almost daily to our collection of historic photographs and other images of Jersey, which now numbers over 55,000 images.


Content is being added to Jerripedia daily, so all we can say is:"Keep visiting What's New? to discover our progress in adding to the site's content".

Readers' contributions

Just a reminder that you can add your own content to Jerripedia, or send it by email to editcontact@theislandwiki.org, for inclusion in the site. We don't want the availability of mountains of new material to stop the flow from Jerripedia fans, who are still visiting our pages in their hundreds every day. New subscribers only need to answer a simple question to gain full access to the site and be able to edit or contribute new content.

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