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Historic Jersey buildings

Whitton Grange, St John


1980 photograph

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Property name

Whitton Grange

Other Names



Route des Issues, St John

Type of property

18th century country house


Sold for £1 million in 2004, £1,685,000 in 2013 and £5,775,000 in 2021

Families associated with the property

  • Marett
  • de Gruchy:This was a Marett property, which passed to the de Gruchy family through Marie's marriage in 1788. David was a sergeant in the Militia in 1815 and added to his farming activities by conducting a vraicing business at the Ecréhous, where he owned Hut No 4 [1] on Maïtre Ile, and Maison du Havre at Bonne Nuit. This he sold in 1819 to George Remon. David and Marie's eldest son, David Elie, a sailor, died in Manila in 1857. The second marriage in 1866 of their younger son, Jean, was in one respect unusual. He was then aged in his mid-fifties and his bride aged sixteen. It was, though, a happy marriage, blessed with four children


Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Two-storey, five-bay house. 20th century extensions to right.

Notes and references

  1. His initials and date, featured unconventionally as DDGY 1806, are to be seen on the ruins of his stone hut
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