1682 contract to build a house

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1682 contract

to build a house

This article was first published in the 1960 Annual Bulletin of La Société Jersiaise

Contract to build a house, 27 July 1682

Between Sara Le Sueur and Raulin Galichan, Jean Galichan and Phle Galichan, master masons

Translation by V J Bailhache

"The year One thousand six hundred and eighty-two the twenty-seventh day of July. We undersigned or making our marks, Raulin Galichan, Jean Galichan and Phle Galichan, Master Masons acknowledge and attest to have agreed with Mistress Sara Le Sueur as follows to build for her a two-storied house twenty-four feet long or twenty-five according as the site will allow and for the width they shall make it of the same width as the large house on the West of her said large house and joining thereto (namely) a front house wall, a rear house wall and one gable, the said gable to be of the thickness of four feet and to make and build there two good hearths one below and one above in the bedroom. And the said house walls to be of two feet and a half in thickness, and each sixteen feet high. And to place there a rounded doorway in front. And one window below and three above two in front and one in rear, and also one in the gable, the said windows of the same size and of the type of the large window of the kitchen of the said large house at the least as the said Le Sueur shall consider suitable supplying to them the materials. And further they shall also build a small length of gable as a wing joining to the said gable equal in width (au pourportant) to the cider presshouse gable and of suitable height to match the gable of the said cider presshouse. And also the said Masons shall deliver such materials as may be required for laying the foundations of the said house. And as to the wall which will become enclosed within the said house they shall demolish it and use the materials. And so they shall complete the said house.
"The said Agreement made for the price of fourteen crowns to be paid after the said work is finished there. (It is) understood that the said Masons are liable to do or to have done all their services generally for the said price, without the said Le Sueur being in any way called upon in respect of them except to pay the said price. And to cause the stone to be placed for them in the yard near to their said building and also all around it. And the said Le Sueur shall give them dinner every day that they shall work there and also on Sundays. And a "pot" of cider for each man. And on four days their expenses entirely on condition that they shall keep the carpenters to raise the beams when that shall be necessary. And the said Masons shall begin on the first day of September next ensuing to work there and afterwards to continue the most that they are able weather permitting without beginning other work for any other person before the above work shall firstly have been completely finished. To all of which the said parties engage one towards the other to make good the conditions of this present agreement under the penalty of all their property real and personal.

WITNESS their signatures or marks and of the witnesse

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