A day out in Jersey for a Luftwaffe crew

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A day out in Jersey

for a Luftwaffe crew


Two young German airmen at Jersey Airport

This set of pictures of members of the German Luftwaffe in Jersey was taken in 1940, days after the start of the German Occupation, but they remained unpublished until 2015

The pictures are believed to have been taken by Fritz Pons, a member of the crews of Heinkel 111 bombers which took part in the bombing raid over Jersey and Guernsey on 28 June 1940, three days before the Occupation started.

The pictures were taken a fortnight or so later when the crews returned to Jersey, apparently on a day trip from Paris during a lull in military missions. They were given by Fritz Pons in the 1970s to military historian Andy Saunders, now editor of Britain at War magazine.

The pictures were published in the magazine 75 years after they were taken, and then given wider publicity on the Daily Mail website, before appearing in the Jersey Evening Post on the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

The Luftwaffe crews appear to have enjoyed their day out in the island, posing for pictures at the Airport with trays of Jersey tomatoes, and at coastal locations. The inclusion in the set of photographs of one showing a Heinkel 111 apparently flying at low altitude close to the Jersey coastline suggests that at least two aircraft took part in the visit.

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